Learn how did Amity University generate Social Proof in their Marathon Event and how can you do the same

When your brand is sponsoring an event, you look for great participation, engagement and brand reach. For brand reach, events are one of the best channels to work on. During events its easier to generate User-Generated content (Social Proof) for you brand. Let’s see how Amity did.

About Amity Gurugram Marathon

Amity Gurugram Marathon (AGM) is one of the largest running events in Delhi/NCR organized by Amity Education Group, India’s largest Education conglomerate. With more than 20,000 participation & athletes from more than 20 countries during 2019 edition, AGM is marching towards becoming an event of international repute. AGM sees recurring participation from Corporates, RWAs, Fitness groups, Students, Government officials, Foreign Diplomats in large numbers across all the running categories i.e. Full Marathon 42.2 KM, Half Marathon 21.1 KM, 10 KM Run, 5 KM Run, 5 KM Kid’s Run & 5 KM Senior Citizen Run.

Deciding the type of social proof

User-Generated Content is one type of Social Proof. Where your participants(users) share the content on social media platforms with your brand tags in their caption. Amity decided to go forward with GoKapture for their Hashtag Printer service in order to generate Instagram and Facebook mentions and hashtags. Hashtag Printer was a clear choice because almost every participant takes selfies, photos and videos during their run.

How did Hashtag Printer help in the marathon?

GoKapture’s Hashtag Printer prints all the pictures uploaded on Facebook and Instagram with #AmityGurugramMarathon within 9 seconds at the ground itself. The photos can be collected by the participant at the booth. Everybody tags the brand in their picture in order to take the printed photos for free as a souvenir from the event.

The event used the services of GoKapture for the second time in a row this year (2019). With 5000 participants, Hashtag Printer was a super hit and the social media posts generated on account of it garnered a fantastic 6850 likes. With 900 hashtags, the event scaled a reach of a stupendous 1 Million.

Advantage of the Hashtag Printer

  • 1. 1 Million brand reach on social media with 900+ photos got tagged with the brand’s hashtag.
  • 2. 900+ branded photos received by the participants, which will be kept with them forever.
  • 3. The social proof helps the brand and the event to market themselves for future events and products.
GoKapture (then JustKapture) has served and 20 more running events all across the country to engage the participants and generate user-generated content (social proof) for the sponsors. If you have any queries or inquiries feel free to contact us.

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