Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Photo Booths and Displays for Events in Pune

We provide products related to experiential marketing, photo booth, displays, social media marketing for events in Pune.

Exhibitions in Pune

With our execution, we will make your exhibition stall a Lead-Megnet. We will engage, surprise, and delight your visitors at your stall to get the maximum engagement for your exhibition. Our work will end up generating more word-of-mouth publicity for your stall, and it will make sure that everybody visits your Exhibition stall.

Corporate Events in Pune

Virtual or Physical, we provide solutions and products for team engagement and team building activities for corporate events. By adding elements of surprise with our unique coporate event ideas we always delight our clients. We have worked with Wells Fargo, Google, Microsoft, ICICI, SBI, etc.

BTL Activites in Pune

Marketing is our strong area. We come up with unique ideas and solutions which help brands go viral on social media and engage the customers to get the maximum impact of the activity. Our regular clients like Audi, Rayben, Mahindra, SEMRush can give you a clear picture of our potential in this area. From Augmented photo booths to the Instagram Printer we play with all to achieve the best results possible.

Sports Events in Pune

Do you own a sports academy, brand or sponsoring a sport events? GoKapture has products which will give you the right kind of engagement and social media reach which will make your event and promotion a huge success. Decathlon, Pinkathon, Tata Marathon, Amity Gurugram marathon are few of our regular customers.

Educational Events in Pune

Own an institute or promoting your brand in a college? Our products engage students and faculties everytime. Tell us your requirement and needs, we will make it happen anywhere in India. Y-Axis, SNS Institute are two examples which got the maximum results from our work.

Virtual Events in Pune

We provide white labelled virtual solutions like Customized Virtual Photo Booth, Social Wall, Hashtag Campaigns, etc to bring fun, engagement and the promotional factor during your virtual events. We have served brands like Google, Essar, Sales Force, etc since corona times.

Restaurant & Resorts in Pune

Many theme parks, pubs, restaurants, resorts got benefited with our activities and ideas. Do you wanna flaunt your ambiance & crowd, or you wanna improve your social media engagement, or wanna boost word of mouth or want to generate marketing material, we got it all. If you are launching your new venture, must call GoKapture to discuss.

Conferences in Pune

Bring Engagement, Fun and Social Media Marketing with our products at your conferences. We have executed many conferences across India in last 5 years. Our products and ideas are always apprecaited by the guests and hosts. We have worked in conferences like Global Business Summit where PM Modi and Shahrukh Khan were invited.

Wedding in Pune

So far we managed to satisfy every bride with our products on their special day. Our products get used in celebrity weddings all across India. With 360 Degree Spin, we make your guests the center of attraction and with GIF Booth we make them dance, and with our Mosiac you will feel the love in the air. Call us to know more.

Birthday Parties in Pune

If you are looking for a return gift or a souvenir, look no further. GoKapture team will make your birthday party more special and memorable. Every guests will remember your party and spcially the return gift. Selfie Booth, Bobble heads, Flip books from GoKapture, they will cherish forever.
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