Beckon Your Audience With the Event Engage Hub

Create unforgettable moments for all your guests to share in with our Event Engage Hub. Design an interactive experience that speaks out to the onlookers, and makes them feel like a quintessential part of the event.


The Event Wall of Possibilities: Create and Captivate!

Transform traditional event displays into immersive, engaging experiences that make a place in the hearts of the participants. Connect better with your audience by inviting them to contribute to an interactive display that makes everyone stop and appreciate, taking a moment to soak in. Such mindful engagement brings people together, helps brands draw amicable relations with prospective customers and shapes memories that will far outlive the day of the event.

Our Event Engage Hub is a versatile, user-friendly interactive event wall that is like the little genie in a lamp- you can call on it to turn to reality any vision of yours! It is a dynamic, real-time display that supports multimedia storytelling and is best suited to function as a live scrapbook of memories from the event. You can use it to present feedback, special messages, wishes, suggestions, photos and more on a digital wall and make a fun activity of collecting those from your guests. Encourage them to share their thoughts and make beautiful memories, according them due space on the wall as both a token of appreciation and a testament of how you value your audience’s opinion and presence.

The user-centered approach taken in designing this event wall ensures it remains a hub for interpersonal interaction and brand awareness throughout the event. With a vibrant display, layout and animation to display the media, you can invoke a strong brand presence and boost meaningful connections with the audience by putting them front and center. The event wall acts as a solid focal point that shapes itself to completion as the occasion unfolds, making each contribution count. It can be incorporated seamlessly into the theme of the event, and can just as well supplement your brand’s story or the showcase of an ongoing campaign. Impossible to overlook, it also amplifies the reach of the event beyond the venue through social sharing.

Adaptable to an occasion of any scale and style, the Event Engage Hub is the socializing hub for your guests. Be it at weddings or anniversaries where a digital scrapbook is desired to be filled in with the myriad colours of your loved ones, or at corporate galas, trade fairs, inaugural events and product launches where amplifying the voices of your audience is a key motive, this custom event wall takes care of it all.

Benefits Of Event Engage Hub

Brand visibility
With a tailored display and setup, heighten brand awareness and make it a constant, tangible presence at the event venue.
Foster engagement
An eye-catching event wall is an alluring draw for all and will boost interactions with the audience, as well as social sharing of this custom experience.
Live updates
The event wall is programmed to function as a real-time display of the media that the guests feed into it. It is a live record of the event, capturing its success and memories for all.
Captivate & Connect
A prominently-placed event wall makes for a great focal attraction around which your crowd will revolve and intermingle, recording the collective spirit of the occasion.
Multimedia integration
Designed to incorporate both text and visuals, it can be used to display a host of inputs from the audience, making for an attention-grabbing, dynamic view.

Design your events anew with interactive event walls

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Event Wall

Yes, it can be tailored to accommodate your various branding and thematic needs as per the occasion.
You can input personalized messages, feedback and suggestions, photos, etc. to be displayed.
This is a web application-based setup wherein the media is digitally fed to be showcased on the screen.
The size of the wall may be altered based on the venue and other requirements.
This custom event wall is great for company events, fests, trade shows, exhibitions, weddings, birthday parties, and other commemorative events.

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