Put on a Grand Show with our Exhibition Engagement Solutions

Make your exhibition stall a visitor magnet. Our products not only engage visitors but also increase your word-of-mouth which attracts more visitors like a lead magnet. From Selfie photobooth to Virtual Reality products for your exhibitions, we got it all.

Attract visitors and maximize sales at trade shows and exhibitions

Elevate your exhibitions, trade fair presence and fest attendances to greater heights with GoKapture. Our innovative products are designed to captivate, entertain, and engage your audience among a throng of motley crowds, ensuring your events leave a lasting impression. Explore a range of solutions crafted especially to promote, entertain, and maximize engagement:

  • Event registration services: Digitalize ticketing and check-in with our smart event registration solutions, obtain post-event insights and minimize the hassle.
  • Event map and guided tours: Interactive maps or information kiosks can be tailored to direct the crowd to your booth, provide instructions about different panels, the day’s agenda, etc.
  • AR guides: With AR Invites and AR-assisted guides, you can go a step further in pre-event marketing and lay the ground for your presentation with rising anticipation. 
  • Immersive art and exhibits: Do it the Coachella way, and refine your event experience with AR art installations, gesture-controlled walls, immersion rooms etc., and allow your audience to register the impressions through various senses.
  • Interactive product demos: Save on space and transportation costs with AR product trials, inviting the attendees to sample your offerings and inculcate trust in your brand. 
  • Interactive displays: From digital signages to multimedia interactive displays providing information, assembling quizzes or functioning as an Event Engage Hub, large screens are a powerful mode of enhancing your presentation, capturing attention and sustaining an enduring brand image beyond the physical space of the event. 
  • Marketing games: Double in on the fun and increase the visitors’ dwell time at your booth with custom Lead Generation Games. Reward them with a novel experience such as one of VR Games, arcade nostalgia of Digital Games and gift hampers. 



Collect Leads

Our customized products have lead forms enabled, so you don’t miss out on anybody and connect with them later. Reach out to more, to sell more and grow more.


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