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Lead Generation Games

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a new visitor in your lane! Gamification marketing is our answer to contracting attention spans and sensory overload in the digital age. Lead generation games and quizzes add vital zing to your event, while also lubricating communication with your target audience. At GoKapture, we prioritize not singular products but on designing an overall experience that fosters brand identity and connection.

Unlock Success With Lead Generation Games

What can interactive games truly help you achieve? Not only are you able to liven up a relatively mundane yet valuable process of collecting quality leads, but are also creating a space that prioritizes the audience’s experience. Interactive marketing games allow you to:
  • Engage meaningfully with your audience with branded games and immersive technology that increases visitors’ dwelling time at your booth and evokes psychological and emotional responses, fostering brand loyalty.
  • Make your booth stand out and generate mighty buzz with multiplayer setups that draw in even the most casual visitors
  • Navigate cold pitching by stirring interest and voluntary participation, facilitating data collection and aiding the automation of the process of brand awareness.
  • Boost social interaction and networking while creating user-generated content as gamification motivates users to share their experience on social media and via word-of-mouth marketing.

What does event gamification entail?

While the term ‘lead generation games’ merely scrapes the surface, GoKapture has dedicated itself to exploring the whole breadth and depth of gamifying experiences, and thus, our services span branded games for marketing as well as interactive games for exhibitions and trade shows, as follows:
  • AR and VR: GoKapture is dedicatedly working in democratizing access to leading technological innovations such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.
  • Digital games: From nostalgia-invoking arcade games to popular classics, technology has rendered all your beloved games into portable and economical digital avatars.
  • Interactive display-based games: A smart screen can do more than just disseminate information. It may be set up to play a host of games tailormade for your brand and occasion, from jigsaw puzzle to card games.
  • Branded games: With rich customizing options, branded marketing games are a league of their own. Prepare to wow the attendees with bespoke HTML-based games that tell your story.
  • Gamified activities: Not games per se, but GoKapture also offers possibilities of gamifying the event’s constituents such as feedback collection and in-person interaction with the Digital Slingshot, countdown timer, etc.
  • Polls and quizzes: Whether you’re approaching a niche audience, running a trivia contest or are on a tighter budget, live polls and quizzes help effortlessly involve the audience and collect valuable data.
  • Internet of Things: The IOT technology is used to create embedded systems that can be designed into interactive activities for the audience to enjoy. Physical activities such as spot running or punching a bag can be linked up to a digital display to shape challenges for the visitors to attempt and accomplish tasks.

Ready, Set, Play!

Explore our extensive range of lead generation games and other products to harness the psychological benefits of gaming and better retain your audience’s interest, creating a lasting impression:
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Augmented Reality Games
IOT-Based Games
Virtual Reality Games


These games often involve participants playing a game or completing a challenge in exchange for providing their contact details. The collected data can be used for follow-up marketing efforts. The setup may also be integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for seamless transfer of data.
These games are often used at trade shows, conferences, events, and even online to attract visitors, generate interest, and gather potential customer information.
Participants typically enter their contact details, such as name, email address, and sometimes additional information, into a digital form before or after playing the games.
Yes, GoKapture prizes data security and work integrity. Make sure to communicate your privacy policy to participants and assure them that their information will be used only for marketing purposes with their consent.
Yes, all our interactive games can be customized to match your brand’s colors, logos, and overall visual identity. This ensures a consistent brand experience and actively incorporates your brand elements into the gameplay.

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