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Elevate Engagement: From Interactive Product Demos For Events To Revolutionized Visual Experiences

Putting on a show in the digital age is more than just about a multimedia approach. It is time to combine your audiovisual cues through interactive displays for exhibitions, trade fairs and more.

While interactive product demos have changed the game for ecommerce forever with their exciting possibilities, digital displays are a wonderland of opportunities in every realm. Smart displays have majorly impacted the course of information exchange and infotainment. They have made their way from public spaces and retail stores to conference rooms, classrooms, trade show booths, museums, etc. Interactive displays may be touch, gesture or button-based and can take various forms based on the scale and style of your event.

Engage and Captivate: Interactive Display Software

Interactive displays are a massive boon in creating a visually engaging setup that soaks up attention from the furthest corners of the venue. But that isn’t all. Their benefits abound, and you can employ them to the following ends:

  • To encourage active engagement of the attendees by combining brand awareness with entertainment.
  • To grant visitors customised experiences by allowing them to navigate through the information presented to them.
  • To boost data collection and analyse the audience better as a vital experiential marketing too and estimate return of investment (ROI).
  • To gamify the event and thus encourage social sharing and personal involvement into the event. From interactive whiteboards to live polls and quizzes, there are a myriad ways interactive displays can aid gamification marketing.
  • To level up your brand presence with a branded, concise and highly interactive manner of presentation. Interactive touch screens for exhibitions boost your brand image and attract the crowd’s attention towards your stand.

How can you incorporate interactive displays into your event?

  • Digital signages and video walls: From regular screens welcoming the visitors to your booth to large-sacle displays comprising several smaller screens, interactive displays can truly be the limelight of your setup and bring attention to your campaign and message.
  • Digital kiosks: Allowing visitors to interact with your brand through digital kiosks, tablets or even smartphones is a great way of showing your customer-first perspective without entangling them in cold sales pitches. Interactive display softwares also reduce the need for skilled booth manpower with the automation of product display and provide the most accurate information as prompted by the users.
  • AR & VR displays: Technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality can also be incorporated into interactive displays to create a truly immersive experience for the audience. From interactive product demos to engaging storytelling akin to immersion rooms, such displays guarantee to upscale your brand’s interaction with the people.

Make every show grand with interactive displays

Interactive booth displays by GoKapture are all set to be the limelight of your next event and mesmerize the audience. Rent them out today and allow your audience to visualize the world anew:
Interactive Display – 2D Content Development
Buttons Based Interactive Wall


Interactive displays use sensors, touch panels, cameras, or other input devices to detect user interactions. Interactive display softwares or applications process interactions, which may include touch gestures, swipes, taps, and sometimes even gestures like waving or pointing. They may also require internet connectivity for online features and real-time input updates.
Interactive displays support various interactions such as touch, multi-touch (using multiple fingers simultaneously), gestures (pinch-to-zoom, swiping), writing with stylus or fingers, and even object recognition in some advanced cases.
Interactive displays can showcase presentations, videos, images, websites, interactive applications, games, maps, and more. The content can be customized based on the intended use.
Yes, many interactive displays have connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, or wireless technologies, allowing you to connect devices like laptops, tablets, cameras, or smartphones.
Yes, many interactive displays offer customization options for layout, branding, and functionality. You can often tailor the user interface and interactive elements to suit your specific needs.

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