From Interactive Product Demos to Engaging Sensory Experiences: You can Have it All!

Interactive displays have transformed the way events are experienced. A Buttons-based Interactive Wall brings to you new means to present your brand and engage the audience in a compelling show.


Buttons Based Interactive Wall: Present Your Vision Anew

Buttons-based interactive walls have emerged as a new medium of reaching the masses where brands are required to interact with the people in large numbers. These interactive walls have multiple applications, ranging from malls, retail stores, museums and even corporates. They are aimed at grabbing the attention of the visitors from the very beginning of their experience- at first glance.

These buttons-based interactive walls are more than mere advanced marketing tools as they aim towards displaying multimedia content based on inputs from the viewers. They can harness the user’s input along with animations and sound effects to deliver an engaging experience to the visitors. Brands can display a variety of content using buttoned display boards which allows them to express themselves and be particularly engaging to the customers.

Once installed, these walls require little input from their businesses to record customer inputs and engage them in an interactive session. Whether it’s malls, a retail store or a promotional campaign, an interactive wall is an effective tool to allure customers and feed their inquisitiveness.

While some may mistake these interactive displays to be similar to other traditional methods of marketing, the only thing that can limit them is your own imagination. Buttons-based interactive walls offer their users a ton of options for customization. Moreover, these walls can be designed to fit in a variety of spaces and can be customized to target a particular type of audience. They also have a number of applications starting from a grumpy child guide to a voice assisted tour of a brand’s products. Interactive product demos are the prime highlight of this experience.

Some businesses tend to use these interactive walls to replace store attendants as they allow their customers to find the product that fits their requirements without having to spend hours in the queue or indulge in time consuming sessions of hit and trial. Interactive displays coupled with cameras and sensors even allow customers to try apparels and in real time, thereby adding to their convenience.

Interactive buttoned displays also help their users to record leads and other relevant information in real time. This helps the brands in recording business analytics and customer preferences to update their stock according to the changing dynamics of the market.

Benefits Of Buttons-based Interactive Wall

Information accessibility
An interactive display is the most effective modern methods of delivering essential and required information to the viewers. These display boards can be installed at entrances or key junctions for roadmaps, suggestions, etc.
Custom display
As already mentioned, buttons-based interactive display walls can be installed in a multitude of configurations based on the branding and marketing needs of the user. These customizations help the brands target a variety of customers through different layouts.
Gamified interaction
As the marketing industry experiences immense competition, gamification of advertisements has become the new go-to for businesses. Buttons-based interactive displays with their gamified layout leave a lasting impact on their users which helps brands gather new leads and loyal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Buttons-based Interactive Walls

Button-based interactive walls require LED displays and a buttoned control panel for the users to give their input. Based on the type of work, these displays may also require an access to the internet to deliver real time results.
Most interactive displays support a variety of media ranging from APIs and HTML to YouTube, animation and even voice-assisted tours.
Yes, these interactive walls are designed to provide real time updates. Their control board allows their user to receive information quickly and interact with their services.
Yes, a buttons-based interactive wall offers customization at the brand’s fingertips. It helps the business provide a personalized experience to the users as well.
Yes, the content displayed on these interactive walls is shareable with both the brand as well as the customers.

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