Strip Photo Booth

Are you thinking photo strips collected from a fair in town? Or perhaps, even a physical GIF for the tech savvy? Well, we raise you our strip photo booth to serve the occasion!


What is strip photo booth?

You probably have a memory tucked away somewhere of tiny photo booths churning out grainy photo strips- it might be your own or from a decades-old film you watched. A traditional photo booth that generates photo strips will never not be in fashion. It’s surely a staple for every retro-themed party.

Thanks to the strip photo booth, you don’t have to hunt down an ancient arcade or sit about and wait for the next local fair to experience some old-school memory-making. A photo strip photo booth rental clicks three or four pictures of the booth users in quick succession, much like when making a GIF, and prints each of the individual photos on a strip, one under another. Opting for a strip photo booth for events guarantees endless fun, as we also have numerous options of quirky props and customizable templates to take your pick from. Our strip photo booth allows for much variety and creativity as the guests pose for pictures, and also takes care of your branding needs.

Keep it as a bookmark or clip it up on a string in your room. With the help of the photo strips photo booth, you don’t need to go anywhere else as we bring the fair and its festivities to you!

Strip Photo Booth benefits

Unique photo size
We are particular about bringing you as close to the original experience of the old days as possible, and our strip booth photo sizes of 2×6″ and 3×8″, rather than the current standard sizes are a testament to it.
Instant & Quality Service
The prints made available will be of DSLR camera quality, and can be taken out instantly to make for souvenirs for the guests.
Fun & engagement
The photo strip photo booth promises its users a fun time, sparking excitement and nostalgia as they huddle into the booth and pose to their hearts’ desires.

Rent Strip Photo Booth for Events

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Strip Photo Booth

The strip photo booth is named so because the photos it generates veer from the generic size of 4×6” and 6×8″ and instead makes prints wherein the photo sizes are either 2×6″ or 3×8″, imitating a strip or bookmark.
Though you can opt for any number of pictures to go into the photo strips, we ideally suggest sticking to two or three for the best results.
Our package also provides the customers to choose a scrapbook option, wherein we print each photo booth strip in pairs. One of those are handed over to the respective guests while the other copy is pasted into a scrapbook in which the invitees can write any sort of messages, wishes, greetings, etc. The final scrapbook, compiled through the course of the event, is handed over to the host upon completion.

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