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We sell and rent out products like Selfie Photo Booth, Magic Mirror Photo Booth, 360 Degree Spin Photo Booth, Virtual Reality Games, Augmented Reality Photo Booth, etc.

Hashtag Printer Photo Booth

People click pictures as a token of the moments that are otherwise gone. We’re here to make it easier for you. Post a picture on social media with “#(name of the event)”, and our Hashtag Printer will print it into a polaroid within 9 seconds.

Selfie Photo Booth

Trendy, affordable and with myriad options, trust our selfie photo booth to add an oomph to the ambience. Take a picture and make the moment last- cultivating your social presence has never been simpler!

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

We all love mirror selfies. However, getting the perfect shot becomes a hassle for a lot of us. But, what if we tell you that you just have to pose and our Magic Mirror Photobooth will click a picture on its own? Interesting, right? Here’s how it works.

Virtual Photo Booth

The bigger the better! The world is your stage with a virtual photo booth as you can connect with a global audience anytime, from anywhere on the globe.

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth

Bring in the drama, bring in the flair. Watch those around you stop and stare! Our 360 degree spin photo booth is the stuff of stars, and promises to make you a star for the occasion.

Digital Mosiac

If every picture has a story to tell, then a digital mosaic has a thousand. Applaud your team and put them up on the screen!

Social Wall

Smash two pinatas with a single hit by erecting a social wall to amplify your social media engagement and for the online hype around the occasion to translate into offline buzz.

Hashtag Campaign

Amplify your digital footprint creatively and with a purpose. Make it easy for your audience to recognize you and curate a personalized digital marketing strategy with the help of our hashtag campaign.

Gif Photo Booth

Bored of pictures and looking for something innovative and invigorating? Let your creative juices flow and make mini moving pictures with our GIF photo booth at your service.

Video Slow Motion Booth

Slow-mo is always fun in all its avatars, moreso in the age of fast-paced boomerangs and tik-toks. Make your precious moments look like a movie with the help of a video slow motion booth.

Live Steaming of Events

Wanna get more eyeballs and reach for your event on social media? It’s simple. Let’s go live with GoKapture. We can make your event, interview, performance go live in no time. You can publish full live stream to Facebook and other social media platforms.

Green Screen Photo Booth

The promise of a blank slate is thrilling, the possibilities endless, the horizons blurred. Pose from inside the Louvre or shoulder to shoulder with Ironman inside a green screen photo booth.

Virtual Reality Games on rent

All of us want an escape into a new world, even if it is for some time. Dive into the experiences of a completely virtual yet lively reality with our virtual reality games. You would feel like you’ve entered a new world of software.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth

The world is your oyster with augmented reality. Imagination has found a way to reality with AR and enables us to stretch the limits of edutainment. Put up a show your audience will never forget!

360 Degree Freeze Photo Booth

You don’t just want attention, but also the audience’s hearts? The 360 freeze photo booth is at your service! Step into the booth for some glamorous lights, camera(s) and action!

Anti Gravity Photo Booth

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of floating freely, unbounded. An anti-gravity photo booth will allow you to brag to your friends about having done so- with photographic evidence!

Physical Mosiac

Give your guests a way to leave a part of themselves at the occasion as a testament of the good times they’ve had- try a physical mosaic for a meaningful adornment of the venue.

Bobble Head Activity

Funky and sure to catch the eye, little buoyant dancing heads exude excitement in their appearance itself. Spruce up the fun by having your guests enjoy and bond upon the bobble head activity.

Boomerang Photo Booth

In the age of Instagram, perhaps good old photos and trusty GIFs need a little update of their own too. So why not try a boomerang photo booth to capture glamorous and funny moments?

Flip Book Photo Booth

Memories are forever. If you’re looking for a cool way to store them, how about a flip book photo booth that enables you to go beyond taking just one or two pictures, animating the moment?

Light Painting Photo Booth

It’s lights, camera, action all the way into your guests’ hearts with the stunning light painting booth. Set the night alight to capture your precious moments forever with a trendy spin!

Magazine Photo Booth

From W to Elle, Forbes to Time, we can get you featured anywhere with our magazine photo booth! So how about living the dream and ditching your ordinary photo booth in favour of personalized magazine covers?

Sketch Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a good old sketch? Now, how about we tell you that you can have the same gorgeous results, minus the hours of human effort, with our sketch photo booth at your service?

Sling Shot Activity

Can you recall the buzzing in your arms as you pulled the sling, and the mounting anticipation if it will hit the mark? Relive the moment with our digitally enhanced sling shot activity.

Strip Photo Booth

Are you thinking photo strips collected from a fair in town? Or perhaps, even a physical GIF for the tech savvy? Well, we raise you our strip photo booth to serve the occasion!

Word Cloud Photo Booth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is one made entirely of words? Do the math and try out the word cloud photo booth to make things interesting at the next occasion marked on your calendars!

Event Registration Software & Desks

Our customizable event registration software helps you with smooth registrations for your events. From generating unique QR codes, printing badges, and providing onspot registration we take care of it all.

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