Virtual Photo Booth

The bigger the better! The world is your stage with a virtual photo booth as you can connect with a global audience anytime, from anywhere on the globe.


What is virtual photo booth?

Did you say ‘a personalized Snapchat’? Well, you wished, and we delivered! Our virtual photo booth is an in-house web-based software that can be accessed with a sharable link by remote and scattered audiences to participate in your event. In a world where coordinating schedules is often a Herculean task, yet technology has left virtually no place out of the loop, going online for cherishing memories is naturally the next step.

Step up your digital presence game with a virtual photo booth rental and allow your guests the creative freedom to generate their own content by playing with an array of backgrounds, overlays and other add-ons. The software works by activating the device camera through which the link has been opened, and attendees can click pictures or make GIFs and boomerangs at will, personalize them and share.

A virtual photo booth for events and businesses is a pocket-friendly tool that also helps save setting up and booth-manning time and energy. The pandemic may be over, but smarter choices are here to stay. Our virtual photo booth requires no downloading, can be accessed from any browser, and facilitates simultaneous, branded content-creation to help build pre-event hype and curate your attendees’ experience.

Virtual Photo Booth Benefits

Access anytime, anywhere
With a sharable link that can be easily incorporated in your event marketing and accessed from any browser and on any device, requiring no app installation, it really doesn’t get any simpler than our virtual photo booth.
Branded Photos
With a host of customizing options to add to your photos and GIFs, a virtual photo booth software is a super affordable and effective means of generating branded content for promotion.
Generate EGC
Our user-friendly virtual photo booth offers itself to callers of all ages and fields, enabling them to personalize their content and share simultaneously. This comprises the involvement of your employees in generating content to contribute to the company’s promotion.

Rent Virtual Photo Booth for Events

Use Cases of
Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual Photo Booth

The bigger the better! The world is your stage with a virtual photo booth as you can connect with a global audience anytime, from anywhere on the globe.

Let your guests enjoy from wherever they are during this pandemic situation

Your Event Participants Are Your Event Promoters Involving your guests through virtual photobooth creates more excitement and fun.

Let your employees have fun and create buzz.

Your employees and team mates can have fun with virtual photo booth, and with the content they share online its a word of mouth for your brand.

Students get Engaged and You Promote Your Classes together!

World has gone digital, so as your classes. But let’s not make it boring for your students. When students use your customized virtual booth, they can take pictures and share UGC on social media. It helps your brand to get new eyeballs.

Virtual Photobooth

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Virtual Photo Booth

Yes, the virtual photo booth is a browser-based platform that is easily accessible by clicking on a sharable link.
Yes, the virtual photo booth can work on any device and with any browser, with no need for time-taking downloads or additional gadget requirements.
To inspire or motivate attendees to share pictures on social media, you can make a hashtag campaign and award prizes to the person who gets maximum likes.
Certainly, you can customize the look and feel of the virtual photo booth to suit your branding colors, logo and fonts and also alter the background images, button shapes, etc.
Yes, clients can provide their own props, frames and filters based on their branding and event requirementsto be added to the setup.

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