How mumbaiGames revved up their game online with a phenomenal reach

MumbaiGames has been an extraordinary success story for GoKapture and its products when it comes to whipping up spectacular UGC and achieving that dream reach online. A brainchild of SportzConsult, Mumbai Games is a one of its kind initiative – competitions in a variety of sports across various age groups throughout the city of Mumbai, divided into 8 contingents owned by 8 individual franchisees. Participants in the games represent their locality by becoming part of a contingent. SportzConsult organized these games over a 3-month long duration throughout Mumbai and the hash tag #khelnahai achieved a phenomenal reach of 5,30,000. GoKapture ran hashtag contests online for which the live links were on display on their website throughout the running of the games. The curiosity and excitement factor was constantly maintained as top posts with maximum likes kept getting prizes as part of our engagement strategy. MumbaiGames registered a total of 1200 hashtags – #khelnahai, and fetched up a fantastic 36,259 likes for its social media posts. A success on many levels, this particular case study is an indicator of how UGC, spread over a reasonable time period can give brands the reach that far surpasses their expectations.

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