How two sponsors for the same event got social media mileage to the optimum with hashtag printer


The IIIT Marathon was a 5 km running event held by Startup Leadership Program in association with Nayi Disha, an NGO. This was a unique combination of two sponsors holding the same event and GoKapture created two hashtags – #SPLHyd5K and #NayiDisha. There were two separate set of participants, one which came in through SLP and the other through Nayi Disha. With minor adaptations made to the technology that we offer, we could serve both the clients through a single setup of the Hashtag Printer. When people uploaded pictures with the hashtag #NayiDisha, the printed template related to Nayi Disha brand, and similarly for those pics uploaded with the #SLPHyd5K, the printed template was for SLP. Of a total of 150 participants, 120 hashtags were registered. Both clients were extremely satisfied with the engagement that Hashtag Printer enabled and the kind of UGC that followed.

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