Top 25 Photo Booth Ideas For Corporate Events In 2024


Let’s face it, corporate events can sometimes get…well, rather too corporate. All work and no play makes everyone a dull Jack (or Janet)! But fear not, because we’re here with the hippest photo booth ideas for corporate events in town to inject some (serious, we swear!) fun into the mix! Gone are the days when photo booth magic used to only grace weddings or mammoth festivals. Recent event technology developments have made photo booths a lot more cooler and accessible, with myriad choices and customizations for organizers to take their pick. Explore some awesome photo booth ideas for corporate events and hop on what’s making it big on the trends globally and in your arena.

Why have a photo booth at your next corporate event?

A photo booth for corporate events is like the tadka that adds ultimate flavour to a traditional, time-tested recipe. It is the zing that draws in even the most casual visitors and allows them to spend more time in the vicinity of your brand. It’s the binding glue that can embody the occasion’s theme and preserve it in pictures that not only aid event recall but also boost the overall brand impression with an amicable and joyful photobooth experience. A well-chosen photobooth can really invigorate the crowd, filling in any moments of lull and breaks between sessions and providing opportunities for interpersonal interactions. Here are some tips to make the most of your corporate event photo booth, and guarantee beautiful memories for everyone to take home:
  • Take branding seriously: Incorporate your brand elements, including the company and event logos, colours, taglines, core values, keywords and hashtags, into the photo templates, layouts, photo jackets and envelopes for the prints to be given to the guests. Treat every capture like a swag bag in its own right and make it special.
  • Thematic cohesion: Beyond the photo booth rental, you must also design a unique photo backdrop in harmony with the event’s theme and decor. Walk with the trends, capture the movie mania or any other contemporary pop culture feature, or go with a classic retro-themed setup.
  • Digital customizations are the way to go: Climb the tech trend wagon and look into custom digital overlays to spice up your photos and videos. You can also have your own branded AR Filters created for people to play with virtually and in person, enabling every snap to reinforce your brand identity.
  • Walk the extra mile: Besides the photobooth backdrop, you can also assimilate branded props and accessories into the experience, allowing even the most camera-shy guests to have fun and pose effortlessly. Opt for signs that showcase your messaging or campaign elements. If space allows, place a wooden or acrylic hashtag installation as the central prop at your booth. This way, every photo becomes a concrete visual encapsulation of the occasion and your brand.
  • Consider shareability: The photos clicked during the event need to be either shared as online copies or as prints as soon as possible to retain interest and prompt the attendees to post on their socials. Opt for QR Code scan-enabled photo booths as they allow greater mobility and ease, especially when you’re time-strapped or dealing with huge numbers. If data collection and lead generation, however, are your priority, explore emailing and WhatsApp sharing options.

10 Novel Photo Booth Ideas for Corporate Events that will Make them a Hit

  • Wedding portraits: Some of the most treasure-worthy pictures that even the most camera-shy people gear up to deliver their best for, wedding portraits are a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So why not level up your game by having your countless moments, big and small that have led you down this path feature in the ultimate shot? You can also gift your wedding guests a token of appreciation for their love and support by having your live wedding portrait created out of their very own brilliant smiles.
1. AI Photobooth Wonders: Tune into the magic of AI for events and send your attendees into a photo-clicking frenzy with the AI Photobooth software. This is a transformative hub on a budget, where your guests can don Superman’s cape or explore the deep blue sea alongside Ariel.
Green Screen Photobooth by GoKapture

2. Green Screen Magic: Another incredibly versatile, budget-friendly option to do away with singular photo walls and backdrops is the Green Screen Photobooth. Travel the world with your party, or walk the treadmill like it’s a runway and create stunning videos that are bound to cause a social media blitz.

3. Get, Set, Glambot: So what if you’ve not got the top celebs on your guest list? You can still make your event red-carpet-worthy by upping the glam quotient with the Glambot Photo Booth. Capture dynamic videos set to a rhythm of your choice and make stunner reels in minutes.
4. AR Photobooth: Perhaps the most adored corporate photo booth in recent times, the Augmented Reality-powered photobooth is a branding haven. From interactive brand elements to a celebrity feature in every picture, you can design an immersive event photography experience with this booth. Have users try your products or a cool, artistic concept, fun filters, explore faraway destinations and more!
5. Kaleidoscope of Corporate Colours: The Kaleidoscope Booth is the cool new visitor in town, with something of an old soul! Here is a fun photobooth that takes the well-known concept of infinite mirror reflections and turns moments into breathtaking pictures that are comparable to a bespoke photo shoot.
Kaleidoscope Photobooth by GoKapture
6. Freezecam Fun: Tired of pictures? Experiment with an unusual format with the 180-degree revolving Freezecam Booth!
7. Anti-Gravity Shenanigans: Get groovy and install an Anti-Gravity Photo Booth at your event to turn all heads your way. This is a levelled-up enclosed photobooth that can be tailored to fit the occasion like a glove and will have groups of friends and colleagues tumbling like puppies to get their best shot.
Anti-Gravity Photobooth by GoKapture
8. Multi-Exposure Chaos: The Duplicate Photo Booth, commonly known as the Multi-Exposure Photo Booth, lends its booth users the superpower to be in multiple places, at least for a photograph’s worth. Makes for a great story and an incredible memory, doesn’t it?
9. GIF & Boomerang Booth: Forget pictures. In the age of Instagram and TikTok, playing with different types of media is the way to go. This two-in-one GIF & Boomerang Photo Booth can be programmed to either stack up a few snaps into a lively GIF or record a video in classic boomerang style for your guests to help with your social media takeover.
Light Painting Photobooth by GoKapture
10. Paint the Light Away: This is the ultimate enclosed photobooth experience that delivers creative masterpieces that are made of light, literally. Darkroom photography has never been this fun, we promise. GoKapture’s Light Painting Photo Booth creates unique art pieces with moving neon lights in the dark.

10 Selfie Booth Ideas for Office Events’ Guaranteed Success

1. Themed Selfie Booth: The good old Selfie Booth has gotten compact and smart, but never fallen out of popularity. With an array of layouts and personalizations, here is a booth you can make your own, depending on what your budget is. Put up a central hashtag prop for a branded photobooth experience or aim for the stars with a movie-themed setup.
Selfie Photobooth by GoKapture
2. Magazine Photo Booth: Take event thematizing and branding a step further by featuring these details on a magazine cover. Whether you take the green screen route or create a custom panel to deliver head-turner shots of every guest, the magazine Photo Booth promises to be a hit.
3. Digital Caricature Photo Booth: This is another corporate event photo booth that has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. The Digital Caricature Booth is where your attendees can get their pictures clicked and in turn, take away beautiful, instant caricatures of themselves home. With options of various styles to choose from and effortless branding, this is a popular office selfie booth installation.
Digital Caricature Photobooth by GoKapture
4. Bobblehead Station: Tiny little bobbleheads can make for a fun corporate engagement activity for your associates and other attendees. Get your guests’ pictures clicked, printed, cut out and pasted on customized nodder dolls to build up an adorable army of wobblers that make for an entertaining session and quirky takeaways.
5. Word Cloud Photo Booth: A picture sure is worth a thousand words. But how about a picture made of words? Boost your campaign, communicate your message and reaffirm your brand’s core values by feeding in the keywords to the Word Cloud Booth that recreates every clicked picture as a word cloud. This corporate photo booth has got lots to say!
6. 360 Video Booth: Take panoramic shots of your guests, set to the branding and music of your choice, and watch the photo booth turn into an impromptu dance floor. The ubiquitous 360-degree spin video booth is a colossal hit across all types of celebrations, from academic conferences to award nights.
7. Trampoline Photo Booth: Gearing up for an outdoor event? Or got some extra space in the office gallery? Install the Trampoline Photo Booth and watch your attendees queue up for outrageous poses, hilarious shots and a gala of a time. This photobooth is especially suited for an annual company day celebration or to empower ‘Bring your Family to Work’ shenanigans.
Trampoline Photobooth by GoKapture
8. Slow-Motion Video Booth: Flaunt that twirl, or rock a dramatic hair flip with the camera spotlight trained on you. The Slow Mo Booth calls for effortless fun and generates quirky, reel-worthy videos with a cinematic appeal of the slow-motion effect. You can even place it at the venue’s entrance and connect it to a live display for every guest entry to feel star-studded with their own movie moment.
9. Sketch Photo Booth: Create artistic sketches in instants and gift your guests elegant, branded takeaways to remember the day by. The Sketch Booth transforms every snapshot into a gorgeous-looking realistic sketch in seconds, making for a nice variation of the regular selfie booth.
Sketch Photobooth by GoKapture
Virtual Photobooth by GoKapture
10. Virtual Photo Booth: Allow associates from anywhere in the world to join in, choose avatars, filters and more fun tweaks to participate in your event. The Virtual Photo Booth is your ticket to a collaborative, engaging event, whether it’s online or in person.

5 Evergreen Corporate Photo Booth Ideas to Maximize Engagement

1. Classic Photo Strips: From local fairs to the next international corporate gala, photo strips have come a long way and are nowhere near losing their charm. The Strip Photo Booth remains a corporate-favourite, for both formal and informal gatherings, thanks to its great adaptability and customization.
photo strip booth GoKapture
2. Flipbook Photo Booth: Making kineographs is a hobby for some, but a beautiful token of lovely moments and good times for all. Why should your guests be satisfied with just one, two or three pictures when they can have a whole mini book for themselves? Treasure heart-warming stories with the Flipbook Photo Booth.
3. Magic Mirror Booth: This interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth is a darling of events at any scale, be it an inaugural function or a cocktail night. This classy, elegant setup pairs well with indoor event locations and can be incorporated into a themed booth setup for picture-perfect souvenirs.
Magic Mirror Photobooth by GoKapture
4. Hashtag Printer Booth: Whether you’ve been running an online hashtag campaign to promote your event or business or not, you can have a Hashtag Printer installed on-site to bring the magic home. This setup prompts the guests with a branded call to action and generates shareable content where you can make best use of your customized event-specific hashtag and garner more traction.
5. Photo Mosaic Wall: Make an engaging team activity out of a photo station with the Photo Mosaic. Whether digital or physical, this photo booth experience involves everyone in attendance and creates a bigger picture out of every individual snap. From wedding portraits to logo reveals, you can project anything on to the mosaic wall.
Photo Mosaic Wall by GoKapture


Remember, the key is to make the photobooth experience fun, interactive, and relevant to your event. With a little creativity and these colourful corporate photo booth ideas, you can ensure your next corporate bash is one for the social media archives (and the memory bank!). So, ditch the boring and embrace the trendy photo booth magic! Your colleagues will thank you for it (probably with a hilarious selfie).

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