Couple Celebrates Baby Shower With Photo Mosaic Wall in Mumbai

photo mosaic wall by GoKapture in Mumbai

The gift of a child is a blessing that strengthens bonds, bringing people closer to do their bit in welcoming new life into a sprawling garden. Planning a baby shower is a vital and joyful step as a close-knit community prepares to embrace their new roles and show up with love and support. This couple in Mumbai was keen to make the baby shower a truly memorable and engaging moment for all, the first page in the baby book that bears the signatures of family, friends and their heartiest wishes. The event was held at JW Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai on May 30, 2024.

Objectives and Ideation: To organize a celebration of their dreams, the couple approached GoKapture in hopes of creating an unforgettable experience. The challenge was to supply more than just a photobooth, it was to truly engage every guest by weaving a beautiful, unique tapestry of this occasion. For this purpose, our team recalled the ancient saying- “It takes a village to raise a child,” and embodied this spirit of community in the event design. We decided to enrich the event photography experience with a perfect mix of classy, captivating and creative.

Implementation: Starting with a bang, we added a little twist to the traditional photobooth experience by setting up a Physical Photo Mosaic at the venue. The Photo Mosaic Wall in Mumbai was a 3*2 feet mosaic grid designed to accommodate 150 attendees present for the celebration. With a classy frame and an effervescent backdrop, it was all ready to reel in the guests to share a memento of their joy with the blessed couple.

Next up, to lend further coherence to the ambiance and the sentiments of the occasion, we also provided an iPad-based photo strip booth to capture the smiling, gushing faces for a lifetime.

Outcome: By spicing up the event photography experience to make it the right blend of graceful and traditional, yet upbeat and interactive, our team was able to set the stage for a lovely day of fun and rejoicing. The photo mosaic wall strung together every single one of the attendees like pearls in a cherished heirloom, inviting them to make their contribution to the massive gift for the organizing family.

The Photo Mosaic Wall and the Strip Photo Booth in Mumbai together hailed the newest addition to the family with a bespoke, classic photobooth experience that doled out precious memories, alongside personalized photo strips to immortalize this incredible happiness of a truly special, intimate moment for the couple, their families and friends.

At GoKapture, you can count on us to adorn every milestone of your life, personal or professional, with our expert, tech-boosted solutions. From photobooths in Mumbai to a host of custom Digital Games to liven up your gathering and make it a night to remember, we are with you to record and amplify your joys.

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