Behind the scenes: how event registration software revolutionizes event management

Behind the scenes: how event registration software revolutionizes event management

Event Registration Software by GoKapture

1 . Introduction

Let’s face it, event planning can be quite a juggling act. Between venue bookings, speaker wrangling, and decoration and catering decisions, the last thing you need is a registration nightmare.
Enter the glorious world of Event Registration Software, where data collection, bookings, follow-ups, reminders and check-ins are all purged of their maddening chorus and packaged into a neat little dashboard to empower your managerial responsibilities and boost productivity. Online event registration services are a digital hero that can help banish mountains of paperwork and turn the registration process into a smooth, stress-free groove. Come, take a look.

2. Why should you switch to an online event registration platform?

Turn over to a mode of organized, happy planning that translates into your events. Online event registration services are highly adaptable, easy and intuitive to be coloured into your exact requirements, whether it is for a week-long exhibition or a cozy little workshop.
  • Digital and doubtless: By going fully digital, an online registration platform helps you save tons on paperwork. Reduce repetition and the chances of error resulting from the same. This is a smarter, faster and environment-friendly solution to event planning and management that will have both your sanity and your inbox thanking you.
  • Customizable: A registration software offers incredible range of personalization in terms of branding, content and organization of data to suit your workflow. You can showcase your key brand details and event information, choose a thematically coherent layout for the website page and registration form, enlist fields that help you plan out better. For instance, from VIP and VVIP categorization to T-Shirt sizes, you can tailor your forms to obtain data that helps you allocate resources judiciously and plan much in advance.
  • Information database: You get a centralised database with live updates, organized information sorted into various categories and lists and can control, monitor and perform actions in a few clicks. Dozens of insights help you make informed decisions, reorient and assess ROI.
  • Device compatibility: The software allows users to access, register and check-in from any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop. They do not need to download any application to make use of the offerings. They can register on the go, access updates, anytime, anywhere!
  • Communication central: From obtaining RSVPs to facilitating event experiences by empowering the attendees with floor plans, sessional details, policies and other key reminders, you can maintian a steady stream of communication and consequent anticipation for the event without having to play phone tag.
  • Boost productivity: By saving on time and effort on cumbersome, repetitive tasks of updation and collation, you maximize the productivity of your entire team, encouraging actual creative work to be done. This way, you can make sure to tackle everything on your plate, and even add to the event with a clearer mind, without being bogged down by priority lists and checks.

3. Event Registration Software: Features for the win

A good event registration software has the world to offer to you, which not only helps people register for an upcoming event, but also fosters communication, aids post-event assessment and hones the workflow to run frictionless. Here are some popular features of an online event registration platform that are at your disposal to make the best of:
  • Custom registration form and website page: In a few clicks, you can set up your very own registration page with due branding, required fields and layout customization, embed it anywhere to promote your event and prompt people to register, and design a personalised registration page on your website for the same.
  • Self-serving registration process: Once set up, the registration software allows people to enter details, book tickets, pay securely all by themselves. Additionally, cancellations and refunds may also be automated.
  • Built-in library with themes, templates and fields: Online registration platforms commonly provide you with an array of options to fastrack setup, by providing smart, modern templates and important information fields.
  • Centralised dashboard: The event registration software enables you to get a swift overview and control everything from a user-friendly, intuitive dashboard where all the collected information is neatly organized.
  • Attendee grouping: Similar to tiered pricing, you can also make corresponding lists of attendees, depending on their preferences, profiles or a general order of importance.
  • Multi-session registration: It is also possible to utilize the same registration form for multi-track, multi-session registration that rids guests of the hassle, making it convenient at both ends.
  • Automated communication: Upon registration, guests receive confirmation mails and messages, along with a custom QR Code for entry through specified channels. Furthermore, reminders and other information can also be scheduled and streamlined to maintain the excitement and alertness.
  • Secure check-in: QR Code based event registration allows for smooth, secure and stress-free check-in, even without any personnel manning the entry. Guests can check themselves in and make use of the offerings.
  • On-site registration: A registration software is also equipped to handle last-minute, on-site registrations and provide all the due facilities to iron out the guests’ event experience.
  • On-site badge printing: The software also supports badge printing on site, by extracting the required details from the database and printing during check-in.
  • Real-time updates: From the number of registrations, payment status and RSVPs to event kit collection and sessions attended, you get all sorts of updates in real time on your dashboard.
Other than the aforementioned, a sophisticated registration software may also allow you to customize workflows, responses, select marketing routes, clone events with one click, and have a pre-made inventory for event brochures, venue maps and guides, policies, etc. additionally, it may allow you to set up event capacity and thus, generate automated wait-lists.

4. Conclusion

Ready to move on from the drama and unlock a wrinkle-free event experience with the power of a compact registration platform? Head to GoKapture’s event registration software and gift yourself and your attendees a hassle-free journey right to the D-Day, empowered with the right knowledge, simplified workflow and a fully branded event management system.

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