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The world is your playground with modified reality technologies at your service. With our premier AR/VR agency to paint your imagination, you can bring your fantasy into the real world and share it with a wide audience.

Wherever you look, there’s more than what meets the eye with Virtual Reality, which essentially creates an alternate world you can access with VR headsets. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, refers to a superimposition of virtual elements on to the real world that people can interact with.

Leading AR/VR Agency At Your Disposal

The stories we long to tell sometimes are bigger than the world we presently reside in, require an added dimension and richer colour. Here’s why you should opt for an AR/VR development company to bring your vision to life at your next event:
  • Edutainment: Storytelling and gamification are incredibly potent immersive learning formats that focus not on passive retention of chunks of information but in actively understanding and absorbing it, often by both seeing and doing. An immersive learning environment has limitless possibilities to explore in terms of campaigning, brand identity and storytelling while keeping the attendees engaged.
  • Live interaction to boost engagement: AR apps and VR lenses are being increasingly used to facilitate exhibition guides and experiences. They turn a passive audience into active participants who choose how to proceed with information exchange.
  • Gamification: From virtual tours to well-loved VR games and AR-enabled scavenger hunt, an AR/VR agency offers several pathways to gamifying events to intrigue the audience, facilitate communication, team-building and marketing.
  • Experiential marketing: Visualization in the real world with life-size product samples or a brief, ambient feel of the offered experience or service is a powerful tool for retail, e-commerce and other industries.

What can you do with Augmented Reality?

  • Gaming: While you may have heard of several Augmented Reality games already, it is also worth noting that AR is a powerful event gamification tool. You can incorporate AR technology into scavenger hunts, product demos and trials, environment simulations, etc.
  • Exhibitions and interactive displays: From extensive invitations to entire immersive tours, AR levels up shoes and presentations like nothing else.
  • AR photobooths: Magnify the scope of your event with an Augmented Reality photobooth that allows users to take awesome selfies with their favourite superhero, celebrity or idol. The booth also can serve to function towards brand awareness by enabling the attendees to click a picture with the leaders and officials your brand holds in high regard.
  • AR mobile services: You can ease many of the audience’s difficulties at the venue by allowing for AR-assisted invites, wayfinding, translation and transcription and other services.
  • Enhancing exhibition experience: Augmented Reality is a boon at massive events with a varied audience as it can be used to facilitate the visitors’ experience by helping in the navigation of the venue, various stalls and sessions, provide real-time subtitles and translations, and prompt social media sharing with the use of AR filters, etc.

Enrich Your World With AR & VR

GoKapture takes immense pride in extending accessibility to modified reality technology and pioneering innovations in the field that will allow you and your audience to see the world like never before. Try out our following Augmented Reality-enabled products and VR games to unveil an experience you will cherish for a lifetime:

AR Photo Booths
(Celeb, Background,)

AR Filters
AR Mind Reader
AR Virtual Try On

AR Zoo
(Celeb, Background,)

AR Invite
Augmented Reality Games
Virtual Reality Games


Augmented Reality uses devices with cameras and sensors to recognize real-world objects or markers and then displays digital content on the device’s screen, seamlessly blending the virtual and physical worlds. Virtual Reality presents to its users a three-dimensional, computer-fabricated environment that responds to their gestures.
Modified reality technology is used in trade shows, conferences, product launches, exhibitions, and other events to showcase products, provide information, entertain attendees, and enhance branding. It can be used in interactive promotional campaigns to create immersive, thoroughly engaging and highly customized experiences.
AR/VR experiences can include interactive product demos, virtual tours, gamified activities, 3D visualizations and artistic showcases, information overlays, training modules and simulations, and even AR-powered scavenger hunts. These technologies can be integrated into interactive displays, signages and even photobooths to yield a variety of possibilities.
In most cases, attendees can use their smartphones or tablets to experience AR. AR can work either with a dedicated app or with web browsers using WebAR technology. One needs to provide VR headsets or glasses for a more immersive experience.

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