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Who are we?

GoKapture’s genesis dates back to more than a decade ago, when it was known by a different name and had quite a different vision. The seeds of what we presently do, however, were planted right there with the coming into being of our beloved Hashtag Printer, which shifted the trajectory of our marketing and promotional aspirations from agency to creators.

Thus began GoKapture, in 2015, as an event technology hub that strives to understand the contemporary requirements of both global brands as well as budding experimentalists. From providing experiential marketing assistance to adding colour to the cherish-worthy moments of your life, we design not simply products, but experiences.

Over the course of these eight years, GoKapture has refined itself with its prolific production of photo and video booths and expanded into India’s leading tech innovators in the realm of event design, planning, technology and execution.

The team at GoKapture is youthful and vibrant, not afraid of setting foot on uncharted territory as we readily explore up-and-coming technology trends to deliver them at affordable prices.

What do we do?

GoKapture is dedicated to breathing life into your vision. We present popular, customized, as well as unique event technology solutions to specifically cater to the style and scale of the occasion at hand.

We help brands build bigger and engage varied audiences in a meaningful manner. We make sure that your message is disseminated not only widely but also that it resonates deeply, for which our tech wizardry provides you with just the right audio-visual cues.

Beginning with a truly eclectic range of photo and video booths that can be tailored to suit the event as desired, GoKapture has branched out into the engineering and mastering of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology, motion sensors, embedded software and applications, from event registration to integral data collection. Additionally, we also delve into smart, interactive screens and display solutions and games and quizzes to leave no stone unturned when it comes to maximizing audience engagement and retaining the crowd’s interest for a prolonged period of time.

At GoKapture, the sky’s the limit.

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