Three Cheers for the Excitometer!

Enliven the ambience with resonating cheers of your attendees. Prepare for fun, as the Excitometer is about basking in a sense of togetherness and enjoying the moment to the fullest.


Bring your audience together with the Excitometer: Elevate Engagement

Living in the moment is an art that has much value in life. But it is also just as easily forgotten or relegated in our list of priorities. What if at your next celebration, you ensure that for a few moments, every single one of your guests gets to quieten their minds and raise their voices in unison for a joint purpose?

The Excitometer is an innovative web application that feeds on the mega cheers of your audience and displays their strength in an onscreen ‘meter’. It really is incredibly simple- you just call everyone to attention and request them to cheer on the count of three. The fun animation sparks to life and measures the loudness accordingly. Now, this can simply be a fun group activity to foster wider engagement and secure everyone’s attention, or you may form smaller teams to make a competitive activity out of it. Either way, it’s a win for the spirit of the occasion.

An activity such as this isn’t simply a warm up for the attendees, it is a pledge, an affirmation of purpose. Your guests could be prompted to shout out a campaign tagline or a company motto, whatever you feel would resonate with them the best. The Excitometer is particularly suited for rallying workplace events such as an annual day, a milestone celebration, a product launch, etc. wherein it is integral to renew the employees’ commitment to their work, provide them a sense of oneness with their work family and explicitly express excitement for new targets and future plans. You can also employ it when you have to take the stage at large scale events such as music festivals or marathons. At such an occasion, the Excitometer is a sureshot way to set the tone, uplift the mood and present to the audience a trailer of what’s to come, preparing them for it.

Benefits of Excitometer

Team-building activity
In the bid to reach the maximum threshold as indicated by the display, the attendees are called to work as one. The result is a joyful moment of oneness.
Heighten brand awareness
By virtue of the branded display and the activity itself evoking a community feeling, the Excitometer generates enthusiasm and a positive response towards the brand.
Invigorate the audience
Simple and effective, it gets the energy in the venue really flowing as everyone comes together to complete the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Excitometer

The Excitometer is equipped with sensors that gauge the sound produced at the venue and funnels it into an onscreen animation that ‘measures’ the loudness of the crowd.
Yes, the display can be tailored for branding requirements and the animation may also be altered for a specific occasion.

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