Anti Gravity Photo Booth

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of floating freely, unbounded. An anti-gravity photo booth will allow you to brag to your friends about having done so- with photographic evidence!


What is Anti-Gravity Photo Booth?

You don’t need to shell out thousands of bucks to replicate a gravity-free zone at your event venue for some fun poses and pictures. An anti-gravity photo booth is an economical means of letting your guests experience a topsy-turvy, upside down world with a simple but effective arrangement of props and a backdrop tilted at an angle. With immense potential for customization and quirky installations, a zero-gravity photo booth rental can either be erected physically by placing furniture and other props such that the walls, ceiling and the floor are all out of order, or it may be reconstructed with the help of a greenscreen backdrop to give the feel of a room in 3D.

Immensely fun and creative, our anti-gravity photo booth for events such as exhibitions, birthday parties, weddings and corporate gatherings will allow your guests to play with the earthly limits and bypass gravity, safely of course. The photo booth installation may be branded with the incorporation of the company logo and colours and also be made to seamlessly blend into the décor by following the theme for the occasion. With our anti-gravity photo booth, enable your attendees to take a peek down the rabbit hole, accompany Ariel to the deep blue depths of the ocean or go on an adventure of star-fishing!

Anti-Gravity Photo Booth Benefits

Fun & Engagement
Posing for a convincing photo of being suspended in anti-gravity is a fun and challenging activity that will keep your visitors entertained. The photos can be made into instant quality prints that people can take back home as souvenirs.
Spark Creativity
You can infuse your own story as well as your brand elements into the anti-gravity photo booth setup as it offers immense creative space to play in and also motivates the visitors to get creative in finding their way around the booth for the best shots.
A trip to Mars won’t be a reality for us anytime soon, but with an anti-gravity photo booth, you can surely let your attendees experience and capture what it’s like being in space, affordably.

Rent Anti Gravity Photobooth for Events

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Anti-Gravity Photo Booth

No, as that would be technologically challenging and require an explosive budget to realize. Instead, we recreate the look of an anti-gravity booth by visual adjustments.
The anti-gravity photo booth imitates the look of a gravity-free zone by a creative placement of the objects in the vicinity. For instance, tilted at a 90-degree angle, the gravity booth may consist of a painting where you stand, while a ceiling fan might be placed on the wall adjacent to you. The final shot resembles the captured person suspended in the air.
No, an anti-gravity photo booth on rent has to be fabricated everytime as per the theme of the event. Basically, the setup comprises a 12x8x8 feet box with properties placed strategically.
We install our gravity photobooth in front of the anti-gravity box to click pictures. Then, it automatically rotates and prints the picture with desired branding, which we frame it and give to the guests.

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