Bobble Head Activity

Funky and sure to catch the eye, little buoyant dancing heads exude excitement in their appearance itself. Spruce up the fun by having your guests enjoy and bond upon the bobble head activity.


What is Bobble Head Activity?

Looking for an engaging activity that will function as an ice-breaker for a corporate event or even just be a cause of numerous laughs at a birthday party or a pre-wedding event without wanting to shell out thousands from your pocket? Our customizable wobblers, professional and creative, are at your service!

The bobble head activity consists of attaching the printed heads of the volunteering guests to springs, such that the heads wobble persistently. The adorable and quirky little bobble heads can be taken back home by the attendees as keepsakes from the event. In the meanwhile, however, the making of these bobble heads can be turned into an amusing team activity and the resultant products can be housed as temporary adornments at the venue.

Instead of the regular, pre-made wobblers, these ones made on sight and allowing your guests to register their presence at the event with prominent heads fixed to cut-outs of torsos on a standee can help warm them up for further promotional pitches, double as a game at any kind of social gathering and animate your booth at an exhibition with lively human presence.

Bobble Head Activity Benefits

Lifetime souvenir
Bobble heads are durable and personalized creations and can be offered to the attendees to keep with them as cherished memories from the event.
Fun & Engagement
Our wacky wobblers, with their ballooned up heads on slender bodies, springing away in joy, are sure to induce laughter and keep your guests entertained.
Team Building
The entire bobble head activity, from requiring the printing of heads to their placement as fun little decorations provides opportunities for interaction among the visitors and can be made into a valuable team-building exercise.

Bobble Head for Events

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Bobble Heads

Yes, bobble heads are known by several names, the most common ones being dancing head, wobbler, nodder and wacky wobbler.
We need to be informed of the confirmation at least a week prior to the event as our team needs to prepare the bottom part of the wobble heads’ structure beforehand to create personalized bobblehead from photos. During the event, only the pictures of the guests will be taken to be printed, trimmed and glued to the pre-made body.
The customized bobble heads stand about 6 to 7 inches tall.

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