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Photobooths And Videbooths To Capture The Brilliant Smiles Of Your Attendees

Every special occasion deserves its magical moments to be filed away just as stunningly. Pictures prolong and replenish memories and photobooths add just the oomph needed to spice up your event setting with a gorgeous, themed point of convergence. They are often the life of the party when it comes to weddings, birthdays and other commemorative occasions. Alternatively, pictures might be for an eternity but you may want to add to your booth an element of novelty that will spark greater curiosity. Claim your moment to fame with GoKapture’s stunning videobooths that never fail to impress.

At corporate events, they impress upon the guests the company’s name and a community feeling. At fairs, festivals and exhibitions, they can be a vital point in your experiential marketing strategy and make more heads turn to your brand. Video booths for exhibitions and weddings alike offer several formats of capturing your most precious moments. You can have instantly edited video clips, boomerangs, GIFs and more.

Rock With The Trends: Video And Photo Booths For every Occasion

How can photobooths add value to your event? From acting as a space for intermingling of employees from different departments at an internal company event, for light-hearted exchange among distant relatives at a wedding, to setting the tone for the event and encouraging active participation and generating online buzz, these booths are a hit.

  • Make your booth a focal point: Essential to a photobooth setup are a backdrop and props, both of which are key design elements to establish the theme and ambiance of your event. A show-stealer of a photobooth is a surefire way to attract an audience looking for a fashionable, trendy spot to mark their attendance at the event.
  • Facilitate interaction with and among visitors: A selfie session is a quick way to thaw the ice and bypass any awkwardness at both formal and informal gatherings. An easy and effective way to attract a diverse audience towards your exhibition stand is to set up a themed photobooth that can be spotted from a distance. Even if your brand’s niche might not instantly speak to certain visitors, they are much likely to give it a chance in the name of having some fun at the booth.
  • Offer customized, branded takeaways: Photobooths providing instant soft copies and prints provide a valuable means of heightening brand visibility. They can be personalized as per the theme, with appropriate logo, tagline and hashtag placements for the attendees to take home and cherish as souvenirs.
  • Aid lead generation process: Photobooths for exhibitions and trade shows can be a great means of motivating people to head your way and share information, willing to interact with your brand in the process of clicking pictures. Striking video booths prompt sign ups in return for HD soft copies of the captured clips and smoothen the process.
  • Prompt social sharing: Not only do photobooths help data collection, they also motivate users to share the photos on social media and use event or brand-specific hashtags, echoing the offline buzz at your booth in online engagement.

Say Cheese with GoKapture

At GoKapture, we believe in delivering experiences, not simply products. You might have come for photobooths, but you’ll surely stay for videobooths that create magical moments with your guests as the stars of the show. GoKapture’s promise of quality, novelty and fun guides its innovative spirit as we offer scores of classic and trendy photo and video booths to entertain your guests with. GoKapture’s booths offer a wide range of customising options and allow for social sharing of the captured media, and you can choose from any of the following to adorn your weddings, birthdays, exhibitions and more:
Selfie Booth
Strip Photo Booth
Magazine Photo Booth
Magic Mirror Photobooth
Croma Photo Booth
Digital Caricature Photo Booth
Hashtag Printer Booth
Word Cloud Photo Booth
Physical Mosaic

Light Painting Photobooth

Flipbook Photo Booth
Bobble Head Booth
AR Photobooth
Anti Gravity Photobooth
Virtual Photobooth
Trampoline Booth
Freezecam Booth
Multi Exposure Booth
AI Photobooth
360 Spin Booth
GIF / Boomerang Booth
Slow Motion Booth
Kaleidoscope Booth
Sketch Photo Booth
Slow-Mp Entry Booth


Our photobooth and videobooth rental packages provide the equipment required, comprising the best-in-service cameras, along with a technical expert to run the booth without any issues. As specified, the package may also provide printers to make instant quality prints of the captured photos, photo frames, jackets or scrapbooks as needed.
A soft copy in HD of the media will be shared with the users on their email addresses offered. Additionally, wherever possible, guests can obtain prints of the pictures with complete customization to take home with them.
Most photo and video booths require a backdrop suited to the occasion, along with appropriate lighting, to function optimally. Other than that, you can almost endlessly customize the setup to match with the theme. Props to use at the booth can also be arranged.
You can pick your own event-specific hashtags, company logo, slogan, campaign message, etc. to be displayed on each media as per your branding requirements. What’s more, the users can also pick from a range of layouts, filters, stickers and music offered.

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