No time out on entertainment with the Trampoline Photo Booth

Hop on the fun with the Trampoline Photo Booth! Get ready to shake things up a little and capture exuberant poses and peeling laughter of friends and family with this trendy booth.


Try the Trampoline Booth: Rewriting fun at event to a T

A kids’ playground abounds in bittersweet memories for most of us. It’s there we first learned that no matter how many times we fall, we have to dust off our clothes, get up and get moving again. A trampoline is the epitome of the joy we’ve accumulated from all that play time, jumping and tumbling off like we never knew exhaustion. Thus, we also see trampoline parks popping up to enable us to relive those days.

What if we told you that the nostalgic abundance of your childhood and a trendy photobooth to serve your event photography needs can be combined into one? That’s exactly what our Trampoline Photo Booth is! It’s a bundle of joy you can unwrap to share in the laughter and relaxation with your loved ones, a picture at a time. We at GoKapture bring together playtime and photo sessions in this adorable fun photo booth that will prove a great addition to lovely outdoor gatherings such as picnics, celebration brunches, pre-wedding functions and birthday parties. Call over your guests to soak in the sun a little and make memories upon the trampoline to be cherished forever. The Trampoline Booth is the perfect accessory to spruce up your private soirée, aesthetically suited to liven up a cost garden affair or a massive luncheon.

As for corporate events, you need to look no further if what you’ve been searching for is a package that fulfills both functional and decorative purposes. The Trampoline Photo Booth rental is ideal to make for a space where your attendees can relax, unwind, bond over silly poses and pretty pictures. Whether the occasion calls for some inter-departmental mingling to strengthen the community feeling at the company, or an excuse for bosses and colleagues to roll up their sleeves and let go a little, this photo booth does it all.

The Trampoline Photo Booth, be it inside a ballroom, at the poolside, on a terrace or out on the fields, instantly lends a fun and relaxed vibe to the setting. What’s more, you can just as easily make it blend seamlessly into a particular event theme with only a few adornments and an appropriate backdrop. Additionally, the photos taken at this booth can also be customized to commemorate the occasion or reflect your brand identity with the aid of desired logo placement, incorporation of taglines or messages, as well as event-specific hashtags. Immortalize the occasion in the minds and hearts of your invitees with fine prints of the clicked pictures to take home with them. At the Trampoline Booth, our truly befitting mantra is “Live, Laugh, Love.”

Hashtag printing for events is a show-stealer that definitely deserves to be a huge part of your corporate events, brand promotions, BTL fairs and exhibitions. It would also add a spark to your personal occasions such as birthday parties and wedding functions.

In today’s expeditious world, memories are all about clicking a picture, saving it in your phone and then posting it on social media. People get attracted to things for a very short timespan. But if we tell them that for every picture they post, they get to take home a free polaroid version of it, they are going to love it.

We all know the power of social media as an effective marketing implementation. This way, the hashtag of your event will boost the brand image on social media. You might even go trending within a few hours after the event. Hashtag Printer Photobooth will not only increase engagement on your social media handles but also hike the reach of your brand in the digital world.

Benefits Of Trampoline Booth

Double in on the fun
Any photo booth is a joy in itself. But add to it the zing of a trampoline to hop on and the challenge of maintaining poses? We say it’s a recipe for entertainment!
Lively engagement
The Trampoline Booth is sure to become a beacon of glee and merry-making at your venue, alight with the energy and laughs of the attendees jumping and striking a pose.
Instant output sharing
Send off your guests with a little appreciation gift of high quality prints of their gleeful selves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Trampoline Photo Booth

Yes, the Trampoline Booth rental package comprises the photography equipment, a sturdy trampoline, and expert attendants to man the booth through the course of the event.
While there are no technical requirements as such to set up the booth, the space allotted for it must be kept in mind while booking so that it is a safe distance away from other equipment or event decoration and can easily accommodate the trampoline.
High-quality prints are made available instantly for the people to take home with them. Additionally, soft copies of the same can be shared on the provided email addresses.

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