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Event Registration And Web Applications To Facilitate Event Organization

Well begun is half done, they say. Event registration is an indispensable part of event planning and organization that is not to be rushed or overlooked. Event registration softwares designed to simplify this process involve not only sign ups but also often offer the first, if not the only piece of advertising with concise details that attendees will come across. If you’re looking for something off the beaten track to meet your very specific marketing and campaigning needs, web applications for events open several doors. Highly malleable and adaptable to meet endless requirements, creating a web application is a brilliant investment in event design and technology.

Ease your organizational pains with an online event registration software

  • Invite and register: Attendee registration softwares provide a great variety of options and customisation. They can be employed for interest checks, inciting people, signing them up for the event and generating tickets.
  • Communicate and remind: A time-saving alternative to extensive email marketing or in-person communication, an event registration software can also be worked to send required information, instructions and reminders for the event in any chosen format.
  • Organize better: By having a lot of your event planning essentials in one place in an efficient database, you are better equipped for subsequent planning and organizing.
  • Facilitate data collection: Not only can these softwares collect basic information needed for sign up, but also seek additional, detailed responses that can help analyze your audience better and improve upon the experience.

What is the scope of web applications for events?

  • Edutainment: Web applications are a means of adding a gamification element to a variety of activities, ranging from information and feedback collection and display to live interaction with the audience.
  • Boost social sharing: Displays based on web applications are also capable of scouring through a set of online data, including particular hashtags, and automate the process of showcasing the posts and comments made by the participants. Offering a chance to be displayed on a big screen prompts more visitors to provide feedback and use the relevant hashtags for the event to connect with your brand on social media.
  • Invigorate the crowd: Activities that bring attention to the visitors, encouraging active involvement on their end, generate more enthusiasm for the event.

A few clicks to enhanced event design and execution

Web applications grant free rein to your imagination and creativity. They can be employed into displays and help gamify simple activities. GoKapture’s event registration services ensure a hassle-free, smart process of signing up, ticketing and entry at the event or booth. We at GoKapture have dedicated ourselves to bringing forth the customers’ vision with utmost precision, leading to the following web applications to enhance corporate gatherings and trade fairs:
Event Registeration – QR Code
Social Wall
Sling Shot
Event Wall:
Digital Mosaic


An event registration software provides a platform for organizers to create customized registration forms, set ticket types and prices, manage attendee data, and facilitate secure payment processing. You can apply adequate branding, decide ticket types such as early bird and group bookings and set up pricing tiers. Automated emails for confirmation and reminders can also be sent. At the event, the same database can be accessed to regulate entry, produce custom badges, QR codes, etc.
Our online registration software is mobile-responsive, and works on most devices and browsers.
These may be used as desired at both corporate and social events.
Yes, our web applications can be branded adequately for the occasion with logo placements, colours, layout changes and more.
Web applications can be designed to do anything, but are most commonly used at corporate events, exhibitions and trade shows to set up custom displays, offer real-time feedback and monitor the buzz generated at the event.

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