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Draw your vision with the Digital Mosaic Software. If every picture has a story to tell, then a digital mosaic has a thousand. Applaud your team and put them up on the screen!



What is Digital Mosaic?

Lend your audience the stage and make your brand promotion strategy picture-perfect by putting up a digital mosaic wall at your event venue. Bringing the guests together in a creative manner, a pictorial mosaic can be a symbol of your people-centered approach and heighten the appeal of your event with visual glimpses of your desired narrative.

Are you glad that every one of your friends made it to your big day? Do you appreciate and acknowledge every single attendee that checked out your exhibition booth and is a potential customer? Do you have a partner-in-crime, a ride-or-die you feel blessed to have known in life? Well, show, don’t tell with the help of a digital mosaic software rental that displays the captured photos on a digital screen, mediated by a photo mosaic software that arranges them to constitute a bigger picture that can range from a brand logo to highlight your presence to a wedding couple’s collage that narrates a tale of love.

Whether it is a team of two or two hundred that you wish to commemmorate, a digital wall offers a multipurpose option as it can double as a backdrop for even more pictures while simultaneously being at the core of gathering’s agenda.

Digital Mosaic Software: Design Your Dream Picture

An event wall that lights up with the smiles of every one of your attendees? That’s what our Digital Photo Mosaic Wall gives you- an interactive canvas on which you can superimpose your vision- be it with the purpose of heightening your brand visibility or simply redrawing a meaningful picture where the sum of parts indicate something that is greater than the whole.

The Digital Mosaic Wall software makes real-time event engagement a breeze- guests can simply scan the QR Code made available for the occasion and upload selfies which are then processed to find their place in the display. An innovative substitute for the traditional photobooth, the Digital Mosaic lends itself beautifully to company events, annual fests and family day celebrations by rekindling the spirit of the community at work. The Digital Mosaic Software can be programmed to design a mosaic hosting upto a thousand individual pictures. Thus, it is a great focal installment to have at corporate galas and even exhibitions and trade fairs, where this live mosaic forms a fitting backdrop to the hustle and bustle that surrounds your brand.

Smile, Scan and Shine! It really is that easy to have at your next event a custom engagement hub that accords due recognition to your team and gets all hands on deck with active participation. Say cheese with the digital mosaic wall software and write your story- together with the people who make it a success.

Digital Mosaic Benefits

Team building activity
The scope of a digital mosaic in clubbing together hundreds of photos makes for a great team-building activity as each individual is given due space and shown importance in shaping a larger creation.
Quick Setup
Requiring only an LED screen or a smart TV upon which the final picture assembled by the mosaic software can be showcased, a digital mosaic is also a quick and effortless element to make an occasion interesting and create some buzz.
Great Branded content
A digitally-created mosaic presents numerous possibilities of configuration. Take your marketing or ad campaign up a notch by placing your visitors in the centre of it- quite literally.

Rent Social Wall for Events

Mosaic Photo Gallery

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Digital Mosaic

The grid size depends on the final image you want to build. For example, a square-shaped image will be in the 1:1 image ratio.
Our package consists of a photographer who captures the attendees with a wifi camera and uploads the pictures into the software. Additionally, images may also be collected from email, Dropbox or by tracing Instagram hashtags.

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