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A wedding is more than the meeting of two souls. It is a manifestation of hopes, of collective dreams, an exhibit of communal joy and cultural flourish. From digital wedding solutions to event design services that keep you neck to neck with the latest wedding trends, we promise you our choicest and most innovative products to refine every step of the journey. 

Wedding Planning and Design Tools

At GoKapture, we understand that a wedding is like the meeting of two rivers, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that deserves to be made extraordinary. Our prolific suite of event technology services is thoughtfully and meticulously designed to transform your special day into a seamless, tech-enhanced experience that captivates and delights both you and your guests. Adorn your wedding album with the most gorgeous moments and bring every vision of yours to life with the following: 

Best Photobooths for Weddings: Make Wedding Photography a Team Endeavour!

Wedding Photo Booths have become an indispensable part of wedding decor, a must-have to turn what used to be a one-star show into a thoroughly engaging experience for all participants, and an interesting way to enrich the memories made into unique and artistic creations that feature as an extension of the couple’s personalities. Link products: 360 booth, Strip booth, Magic Mirror booth, AI Booth, Selfie booth, Glambot

Wedding Hashtag Generator: Share Away!

Hashtag Campaigns, to many, may sound like corporate world lingo. But in the age of Instagram and Tik-Tok, a personalised, event-specific hashtag just makes everything better. Yes, including weddings. Here is why you should head to our free Wedding Hashtag Generator tool now:
  • A unique wedding hashtag that is the amalgamation of the essence of the two partners, highly symbolic of the union and a one-of-its-kind identity batch or memento of the wedding celebrations.
  • It can be placed on souvenirs, props and other wedding decor to tailor each of them for the particular ceremony and lend them your own colour. Brand the occasion with your signature and integrate it seamlessly into the theme with the real-time Event Wall
Amid online frenzy, a wedding hashtag acts as a repository and organisational means. It can be used along with social media posts by the married couple and guests alike and with a single click, you can have a digital record of all the relevant posts made of the event for your personal viewing, or to be displayed on a Social Wall or fed into the Hashtag Printer to produce unique takeaways. Link products: hashtag generator, Hashtag printer, Social wall, Event engage hub .

Interactive Wedding Games: A Promise of Fun and Laughter

Weddings, in most cultures, are akin to a festival where the near and distant loved ones gather to offer their blessings and support. Much the same, wedding reception games such as the bouquet toss, shoe game and Find the Ring have been traditionally a part of the ceremonial thoroughfare. However, the fast paced world of today calls for some tech-integrated wedding entertainment that ensures that your guests are having the best time, with or without the direct involvement of the bride or groom. Here is what a smartly chosen wedding game can do for you:
  • It eases the burden of direct engagement on the part of the marrying couple. The stars of the show need their downtime too, afterall. 
  • Wedding reception games make everyone feel involved. Weddings are one of those things that take a village to bring to completion, and interactive activities that invite the attendees to participate and indulge themselves in are a nice reward and acknowledgement of their presence, time and effort. 
  • Pre-wedding functions, numerous as they tend to be in the Indian wedding culture, run the risk of feeling barren or face the burden of entertainment being poured on one or two people. Interactive games can lend them a structure and coherence and call on for much wider participation. 
  • A game zone smoothens and facilitates interactions, keeps the kids busy so that the adults can enjoy at their own pace, and is also an effective substitute to hiring an MC for the occasion. 
Link products: Stepper activity, AR Mind Reader, AR games, VR Games, Digital touch games, Catch the Baton

Event Registration and Digital Wedding Invitations: Do it in Style

Digital wedding invitations have become a no-brainer in the post-pandemic world, but they aren’t merely economical and environment-friendly. E-Invites for weddings, such as our AR Invitations, can be used to RSVP, explain the wedding venue layout and communicate the theme and dress code most effectively. An Augmented Reality-based wedding invitation helps you tell your story and bring people along on this special journey that you are undertaking towards a married life in the most creative of ways. Additionally, our Event Registration software is built to handle events of all scales and styles. Highly customisable, it does it all- collate information, send reminders, facilitate check-in, etc. With its organised database, it can act as an Online Wedding Registry management tool. A Digital Gift Registry has become a need of the times and can be of great help to both the newlyweds and the guests in contributing towards a more thoughtful, efficient and planned way ahead.

Focal Wedding Decoration with Interactive Display Setups

From a live Event Wall to trivia quizzes and digital games, interactive display screens are popping up everywhere on the wedding scene. They become a centre of attraction around which the party revolves and conversations happen. By acting as a real-time commemoration of the celebration, they inspire even more clicks and interaction. Through the Digital Slingshot or a Floating Message Wall or Digital Lantern, you can seek the guests’ most active participation and prompt them to send their wishes, blessings and other special messages your way. To take things up a notch, you can have an augmented reality-based display installed at the event, such as the superhit AR Mind Reader, which is gesture-controlled and intrigues the audience to interact and explore.

Link products: Event engage hub, Slingshot activity, Interactive display 2d content development, Photo mosaic wall, AR Mind Reader

Additional resources

That isn’t all. We’ve also got you covered with dozens of wedding decor and planning ideas, testimonies, use cases and more to help you sketch out your dream wedding and communicate it to us!


The GoKapture blog features hundreds of wedding inspirations, ideas and tips to give you a glimpse of what’s hot and trending. Our wedding blogs will take you places, prepare you with the necessary know-how and act as food for thought to lay a solid foundation of wedding planning. 

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Wedding Hashtag Ideas & Wedding Hashtag Generator
Having a hashtag is fun but creating a hashtag which is quirky, cool and describes the marriage can be a tricky task. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind, to help you get your own wedding hashtag:
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Best photobooths ranked page: Every invitee is a photographer with his or her smartphone. We give them a power to print those polaroid pictures instantly with zero extra efforts. View More ->
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Case Studies

Seeing is believing. The GoKapture team has provided its expert assistance at weddings in India and abroad, serenading newlyweds with a garland of the most precious memories and joy-filled experiences. From subtle and understated indoor ceremonies to flamboyant destination weddings, from the spectacular Sangeet to the riveting Reception, we have done it all.


Popular products for Wedding

360 Degree Spin Photo Booth
360 Degree Spin Photo Booth is always in demand all across the world. Its simple to use and produces a great output, which everybody loves to flaunt.
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Physical Mosaic
Bits & Pieces! Physical Mosaic has its charm and engagement. It makes everybody at your event feel good by providing them a simple and fun task of clicking their pictures and pasting on a marked board.
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Magic Mirror Photo Booth
Imagine an interactive, good looking and 5-feet tall smart mirror which clicks invitees and give them instant photo printouts in a beautiful customized photo template.
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Selfie Photo Booth
With 50+ photo template options, selfie photo booth is the most reliable and popluar photo booth in the world.
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