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We help you create experiences built on human connection. At the core of our BTL marketing solutions is an ever-curious spirit of creativity that gauges and reflects the audience’s interests in its bid for authentic communication. 

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Below-the-Line Marketing is a fine-tuned approach to advertising at the ground level. In the era of digital communication, it excavates and explores untapped arenas of synthesizing interest among prospective consumers through an experience-driven means. 


BTL marketing refers to promotional activities that are not mass-oriented. Thus, instead of using traditional mass media channels such as television or print, it focuses on more targeted and personalized strategies to reach a specific, predetermined audience. Also known as Line Marketing, it usually involves direct communication with consumers, aiming to create a more immediate and measurable impact. It can take the form of Email or Social Media marketing, resource building, promotional linkups and influencer-based partnerships, customer loyalty programs, etc. 


  • Establishing direct contact: Line Marketing nurtures intimacy with the audience, centering them in the experience and fostering swifter communication of the brand’s message. 
  • Zoning in on a target audience: It is more focused in its approach, selecting a particular type of audience or consumer group to focus on through strategic campaigns, product placements, etc.
  • Boosting brand credibility: Allowing people to come in such close vicinity of the brand helps cultivate trust. The audience can experience their offerings firsthand and also become aware of the business’s work ethic. A consumer-centered activity is indicative of one’s prioritization of trust-building through active involvement. 
  • Leveraging affect: Another essence of BTL marketing is taking the audience on a thoroughly engaging experience that values their participation and response and feedback. This also enables them to better connect with the message and brand values at hand and creates a positive event recall to contribute towards endearing the brand into their hearts. 
  • Standing out among the crowd: With the range and malleability of BTL activities, you can customize your campaign to truly shine out and offer a taste of novelty to the people. Creating a lasting impact with a bespoke marketing strategy goes a long way in strengthening ties and attracting wider interest groups. 
  • Heightening brand awareness: In the age of product trials and free samples, it is important to gauge the competitiveness of the market through a more direct approach. With the steady involvement of the participants in immersive activities, there is greater retention in the memory and the brand may also mould its image in anew light that the audience can best relate with. 


  • Photo and Video Booths: Photobooths have become a staple at promotional events of all kinds and sizes, owing to the automation and effortless engagement they provide. Furthermore, booths such as the Strip Photo Booth, Word Cloud Photo Booth and the 360 Video booth have proved colossal hits in their ability to generate custom takeaways that reflect the brand’s identity and the occasion’s special flavour in their very design. 
  • Interactive Kiosks: There are a wide variety of interactive displays that may be installed at the venue either in the form of large artistic display screens or as kiosks for one-on-one engagement. They democratize and tailor the process of information exchange and allow for effective communication on  apersonal level. 
  • AR-based Product Trials: If it’s about pulling all the stops at delivering to your guests the ultimate look and feel of your services, Augmented Reality Try Ons are the way to go. From furniture placements to makeup sampling, they can do it all in a compact booth form, without the tremendous hassle of dealing with actual products. 

Interactive Games: Lead Generation Games are often a one-size-fits-all solution to many event woes, such as entertainment, brand activation, enhanced hover-time at the booth, active participation and more.

Popular Products for BTL Marketing


Popular products for BTL Activities


Digital Mosiac
All for one & one for all. Make your guests feel that they are an integral part of the event by installing Mosiac.
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Hashtag Printer Photo Booth
Every invitee is a photographer with his or her smartphone. We give them a power to print those polaroid pictures instantly with zero extra efforts.
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Augmented Reality Photo Booth
Augmented Reality Photo Booth is the latest technology photo booth. It will make you feel that you are with your favorite celebritiy or you are at your favorite place.
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Virtual Reality
Have you ever experienced a Virtual Reality? If not, then you must book our latest Virtual Reality Games on rent anywhere in India.
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From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

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From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.
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