Supercharge your marathons and cyclothon events with goKapture, just like ‘Kris Gethin GYMS’ Did !


Kris Gethin Gyms is an exciting, innovative and hotly anticipated new gym chain. Conceptualized by Kris Gethin an indisputable  world renowned fitness guru, the brand has 7 branches all over India and pioneers in DTB technique of fitness.

How did Kris Gethin made a difference:

The brand in order to ‘Practice what it Preaches’ supported a 13 to 30 Kms Bicycling event on Women’s Day eve organized for Women and Children to inculcate the habit of Healthy Lifestyle.

How did we made a difference:

  1. GoKapture Innovations carried out a promotional activity in order to interact and engage the participants with the brand.
  2. The marketing of this event garnered heavy traffic on brand’s social media handles and increased the events reach considerably.
  3. The participants carried home a memory in the form of a printed photo that they clicked in the event.
  4. Many of the participants shared the branded souvenir on their social media profiles with brand’s hashtag thereby increasing Kris Gethin’s visibility.
  5. Positive customer reviews on your brand’s social media handles brings immense credibility to brand which is what Kris Gethin experienced after the event We feel proud behind Happy faces, Big smiles, Gifts and Fun in the event.

participants engaged

take home gifts

brand impressions


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