A Family Day to Cherish at Chubb with AI Photo Booth in Bhubaneswar, Bangalore and Hyderabad

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Corporate Family Day celebrations are an occasion for companies to reaffirm their brand identity and strengthen ties with their associates by invoking a supportive and lively work culture and team spirit. Chubb took the frolic-filled route in hosting its associates on the occasion of Family Day 2024 on June 7 at three of its prime locations across India.

Chubb is a global leader in the domain of insurance, providing its services to a diverse group of individuals and companies. It is lauded as a leading publicly traded property and casualty insurer, operating in 54 countries around the globe.

Objectives: Chubb Family Day was organized in 3 Indian cities- Hyderabad, Bangalore and Bhubaneswar on June 7, 2024, during which the company was looking to create a captivating experience for all kinds of people in attendance. The goal was to have an entertaining and memorable celebration that would amass digital traction, create significant buzz and bring the associates closer together under the benevolent, pioneering spirit of the brand.

Ideation: The organizers sought GoKapture to liven up this day with technological expertise. As the event was to be held in their respective offices in all three cities itself, it was important to come up with a setup that would effectively utilize space and have the ability to transcend physical constraints to involve the people in an immersive experience. With this in mind, our team opted for a combination of an engaging Photo Booth in Bhubaneswar and the other two locations, alongside a gaming installation to channel the enthusiasm.

Implementation: At Chubb, our AI Photobooth was essentially a wish-granting machine, where instead of narrowing it down to a specific theme, we followed the organizers’ desire to cater to varying popular demands. Thus, our AI Photo Booth Software library was stocked with an impressive selection of characters from Indian cinema, the Harry Potter universe and superheroes. Booth users could take their pick and watch themselves transform into their desired avatars in moments. Allowing instant shareability via QR Code scan, every attendee could procure digital copies of their branded stills and post on social media, announcing their presence at the occasion to the world.

AI Photo Booth in Bhubaneswar for Chubb by GoKapture
Adding to the fun, among our range of VR Games, we went with the VR Walk the Plank challenge, which made for a fun little adventure people could try their hands at. Check out the quality of our VR Game (Watch it in HD):

Outcome: The Chubb Family Day celebrations all saw a lively gathering. The VR Game and AI Photobooth in Bhubaneswar, Bangalore and Hyderabad helped attendees blend in well with the occasion and also raised their active participation in the activities instead of simply being a part of the audience. These entertainment features harmonized with the workspaces and reaffirmed Chubb’s brand identity, while also creating a sense of coherence among the company’s regular work culture and its supportive, motivational bid to energize its employees.

With GoKapture, you can turn around the most ordinary of company events and corporate gatherings into joyful, unforgettable, engagement-mining experiences that stick. Treat your associates to a gala of a time with customized interactive games for corporate events, or capture smiling faces through photobooths like the 360 Spin Booth or the Digital Caricature Booth that aid event recall and deliver branded souvenirs.

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