How mahindra used hashtagprinter to launch its new SUV and garner a 19-lakh reac


For the launch of their latest SUV, AlturasG4, at the Kothaguda showroom in Hyderabad, Mahindra wanted innovative tools for social media marketing. The invitees for the event were a select 40, which included Tollywood celebrities and erstwhile customers of the brand. The challenge here was to get UGC from celebrities and all those who attended the event.

GoKapture gave Mahindra a unique concept of utilising the Hashtag Printer for a give-away souvenir, wherein the invitees got a framed picture akin to one that you would see on a magazine cover. The concept was novel and immediately caught the fancy of the attendees who marvelled at getting the framed pic in less than 15 seconds. The day-long event registered 20 hashtags, a respectable number considering the attendees were only 40. What is remarkable is the reach that it achieved amounting to more than 19 lakh. The posts garnered a total of 5245 likes, thanks to the celebrities sharing their pics on social media.

participants engaged

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