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Top 10 Interactive Wedding Games To Get The Party Going

  Weddings are celebrations of love, indeed, but they are also so much more- an excuse to unwind, connect, regale, and leave worries behind, rekindling old bonds and creating new memories to sustain them. and what better way to amplify the joy than with some cool wedding games?

Capturing Moments, Enhancing Experiences: The Power of AI Photobooth Software

  The artificial intelligence revolution is upon us. It’s metamorphing the very way we think and act. The ripples of AI are being felt in every avenue, including how we celebrate and commemorate.

Everything you need to know About Virtual Reality Games for events

  Trade show booth games are more than just playful diversions; they are strategic tools meticulously designed to captivate, educate, and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Everything you need to know About Virtual Reality Games for events

  Our everyday realities, encumbered with routines, expectations, familiar pathways and thoroughly pre-planned vacays, can often seem limiting.

Behind the Scenes: How Glambot Photo Booths Work

  From the global K-Pop phenomenon BTS to teen pop icon Billie Eilish, their glambots at the Grammys’ red carpet feature as prominent memories circulating as pop culture relics in our collective consciousness.

Step Into The Future: Augmented Reality Photo Booths Explained

  Photobooths have become a regular feature at events, both social and corporate. Amid such extensive usage and popularity, how do we ensure that they retain an element of novelty that can wow an onlooker upon first glance? How does an event organizer see to it that event photograph.

50 Great Augmented Reality ideas for events and promotions

  By Aakshiti Singh With a gigantic market value that is growing every single day, Augmented reality is indeed a buzzword nowadays. From beauty and food industries to large car manufacturers and software brands, all sorts of companies are investing in the augmented reality industry and rightly so.

Making a game out of lead generation: The whys and hows answered

  This process of due identification and attraction of prospective customers by synthesizing their interest in and engagement with a brand and its products or services is filed under lead generation. From grabbing attention to creating pathways of connection that would convert these collected ‘leads’ into buyers..

Capturing magic: how augmented reality is transforming photo booth experiences

  Be it a birthday celebration with a close group of loved ones or a festive launch party hosting hundreds, the very nature of event photography is rapidly changing. Indispensable as it is in collecting moments to be cherished for eternity, a photo booth has also become a testament of one’s adaptability to the trends of the times.

How to use lead generation games to capture leads

  What is lead generation? Do all persons who view advertisements of a particular brand become leads? No. A lead is nothing but developing interest of a person in a brand’s product by using advertisements. Since all viewers are not converted into leads, it becomes important for businesses to focus primarily on those customers that show interest in their product. This is something that is now being readily practiced by brands to be cost efficient and effective.

Benefits of Branded Games for Exhibitions and Trade Shows + 15 Tips …

  We have all whiled away hours at video games in some form or the other. From furiously tapping eyeing a parent’s tiny keypad phone screen to setting up extensive play zones, our passion for gaming is no news. Branded games for exhibitions and trade shows have derived from exactly that indefatigable spirit that refuses to bow down in front of a challenge and is always curious to try some luck at winning.

Top 23 interactive games for your next exhibition show

  Cultivating sportsmanship is integral to doing right in various aspects of life. Unsurprisingly, the same can help you win hearts at your upcoming exhibition or trade show booth. We bring to you a near-exhaustive list of the best interactive games for your next exhibition show to help spice things up and send the enthusiasm soaring.

Gamification in the Exhibition Space: All your Whys and Hows of Maximizing Audience Engagement Answered

  By now, we are all surely aware of the perils all work and no play entail for poor Jack. From workspaces to stacking up daily essentials in the cart, a little bit of fun is not only desirable but also mandatory to engage our multiple senses and combat the giant wall that businesses and campaigns face in the form of decreasing attention spans of the modern man.

Usage of AR and VR in the hospitality sector

  Hospitality in its literal sense means welcoming someone, by providing them comfort and entertainment. Thus, businesses like hotels, resorts, travel planners, restaurants, resorts and even theme parks come under the vast umbrella of the hospitality sector. Moreover, ventures involving fooding, lodging, tourism, and recreation have some or the other element of hospitality that aim at providing utmost level of convenience and entertainment to their customers.

7 Interactive Display Ideas for your next Corporate Event

  Interactive displays are digital information boards that allow businesses to interact with their customers using a digital platform. They act as a customizable canvas for event planners to put out information like product descriptions, event timeline, details about the company, sales etc. Unlike billboards, interactive displays help by providing distinctive layouts for putting up information using hardware and software. With changeable slides, user friendly interfaces and by facilitating active participation, interactive displays allow businesses to get creative in their marketing spree. These displays can be controlled through gestures or touch or can even be passive which require little input from the user.

Marketing ideas using Augmented Reality in Retail Sector

  With thousands of brands targeting a plethora of different consumers, augmented reality has proved to be a boon especially in this era of ever growing competition. With various multi-million dollar brands using augmented reality to lure in customers, what once sounded like a sci-fi movie has now become a reality in the retail sector. From trying on glasses to wearing your favorite pair of sneakers, augmented reality has made all of that and more possible without having the customer to leave the four walls of their homes.

The complete guide to organizing an exhibition: from registration to the D-Day

  Exhibitions and trade shows are much more than a creative marketing hub. Digitally boosted and with various rentals and specialized services at their disposal, these have emerged as pivotal events in the business world, around which the year is planned and marketing and sales strategies revised and adjusted. Long gone are the days when trade shows were thought of as entirely formal events which would only elicit the interest of a select few in the industry.

Top 20 exhibitions in India and 5 reasons why you must seek participation in them

  Exhibitions and trade shows have revolutionized the market- growth and networking are almost synonymous with them. The novel avatar attained by this ancient wonder- a portable, transient market that was the economic hub for much of history- retains its innovative charm. Exhibitions in India too have discarded their austere garb and have proceeded with a strong foothold in the international forum, incessantly expanding their reach and helping put more and more companies on the map.

Top 25 interactive trade show booth ideas that will make your booth a hit Outline

  Trade show exhibits offer incredible opportunities for warm calling and communicating your brand’s message, providing ultimate exposure, helping you survey the competition in the industry along with the latest trends, and opening doors for intimate engagement with customers and prospective interest groups. Exhibition organizers are eagerly seeking participation and collaboration to establish repute and garner traffic, and this might just be your best bet to communicating sales pitches in a fun and friendly manner and accumulating valuable leads.

10 hip exhibition booth aesthetics you must try in 2022

  In the present times, exhibitions are about doing business in style. As they magnify in scale, so do the exhibitors’ ambitions, and exhibition stands and rental services have broadened their horizons to cater to the wishes of organizers and exhibitors alike.

Virtual Reality Games and Motion Gaming ideas for your next event

For all businesses, big or small, having an effective marketing strategy is a must. With increasing competition and newer engaging marketing practices, it becomes important for companies to continuously experiment and devise new methods of product promotion.

Why is user-generated content effective to grow your business?

We are living in the digital world where instead of talking to customers, brand owners or various businessmen choose to let customers speak to each other by motivating them. This strategy is known as User-generated content.

Get inspired with these top brands’ creative BTL Campaign Ideas

By Aakshiti Singh As we all know, BTL and on ground promotions are the ultimate show stealers in the world of marketing. It’s hard to disagree that a huge cold drink fountain or a rally of free cookie distribution seeks everyone’s attention.

Promotional ideas for beauty products through Augmented and Virtual reality

By Aakshiti Singh

Beauty products have evolved massively with time. But, in today’s era, even the impossible is possible in the field of beauty by the advent of Augmented and virtual reality. So, here are 25 Promotional ideas of beauty products through Augmented and Virtual reality.

141 Ideas to drive more attendees to Exhibition booths

For associations and organizations who want to recruit new members or draw people to understand the value of their products or services, in-person events such as conferences, conventions, and trade shows remain crucial.

146 Creative Ideas for Corporate Events

By Aakshiti Singh

You might well have fantastic speakers, a compelling event ideology, and a strong occasion product. Still, there’s one thing you must remember when planning your next corporate event: make it entertaining and pleasurable!

135 Unique Indian Wedding Ideas to Wow Your Guests

By Aakshiti Singh

Weddings in India, are more like festivals wherein the entire family gathers and enjoys. There is laughter, joy, love, warmth, intimacy, but also, melancholy. Indian weddings are a full-fledged package of emotions and amusement, from Sangeet to Vidaai.

Types of Exhibitions and Popular Exhibition Venues in India

An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs.

How to use the virtual photobooth to boost your sales

Are you struggling to hold the attention of your clientele through those numerous webinars and online meets? Has the paradigm shift to a virtual or hybrid real and virtual world taken a toss on your sales? Hear from us about the virtual photobooth application and you will know exactly how it can be tailor made to suit your business needs.

How User Generated Content is important for Educational Institutions

User Generated Content has been receiving a lot of attention for quite some time now, not merely for it being a marketing buzzword but for drawing in the right kind of customers to business. User Generated content meaning is something that was born

GoKapture introduces amazing product variants for hashtag marketing

The product update is out and it’s amazing. Just Kapture has been trying to bring multiple service options for its clients in order to constantly innovate and update the existing processes. Check out the new offerings that you have been waiting and let us know.
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