10 hip exhibition booth aesthetics you must try in 2022

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1 . Introduction

In the present times, exhibitions are about doing business in style. As they magnify in scale, so do the exhibitors’ ambitions, and exhibition stands and rental services have broadened their horizons to cater to the wishes of organizers and exhibitors alike. Gone are the days when simple banners would suffice. Now, businesses dress their stands to impress. Every event has its own thematic concerns, but when it comes to exhibition booths, an aesthetic framework has added responsibility of standing out enough to wow the audience, but also fitting in with the venue layout. Nevertheless, custom booth aesthetics continue to receive growing attention and demand, and have become a vital step in gearing up for an exhibition and exposing one’s brand in close vicinity of the desired customers.

2. The advantages of a custom exhibition stand

Custom exhibition stands are expensive. They require expert handling and great care while shipping and loading. Then, what makes them worth the hassle? Should you invest in one? Depending on your needs and budget allowance, there are different types of exhibition stands you can choose from. Pop-up displays come with the promise of ease and affordability, while modular displays can often help fill the space of a bespoke one for a neat, medium-sized booth, albeit presenting challenges with branding.

Custom booths may be looked at as a long-term investment, one you should decide after building a comprehensive participation and marketing strategy when it comes to your involvement in exhibits and trade shows. Market trends shift faster than ever in the digital era, each new ‘look’ is discarded with rapid alacrity.

If you are in it for the long haul, it is wiser to opt for custom booths to help establish your presence not only in a singular exhibition and its visitors but also in the industry as a regular facet. Exhibitions are vital to building and enhancing your brand image for which, your booth design serves both decorative and functional purposes. Right from the skeletal structure of the exhibition booth to the intangible takeaways from your booth, each step is integral to carrying forward the impression you want your business to create. As exhibitions are often the ground for customer proximity, you are likely to find yourself exposed to a crowd from all sides in ways you haven’t before. And regular visitors know what to expect, they’re observing closely. Your exhibition stand design is key to breaking through the wall of unseeing eyes of a sea of people and holding interest.

Another big advantage of custom exhibition booths is the limitless possibilities they offer for indulging your visitors with interactive elements and activities that will contribute to a wholesome experience. They also lend a creative dimension to marketing wherein the various senses of the audience are engaged with to prolong the interest and allow space for better retention of the message.

3. Why should you choose an aesthetic for your exhibition booth?

Here are the ways in which the added effort and planning for an aesthetic for your exhibition stand pays off.

1. Cohesive design:

Think of your booth aesthetic as a hashtag- it is a unifying factor, a thread that strings together the various components of your exhibit, such as the products on display, lead generation activities, souvenirs, and even an online marketing campaign you might be running around the time of the exhibition.

2. Branding and awareness:

The sector your business is established in will certainly weigh heavily in your decision regarding the booth aesthetic. What’s more, the visual story that you weave with your exhibition stand is not just symbolic of what you literally do and offer to the prospective customers, but what you value, what your broader concerns are. An eco-friendly display sends a clear message of your stakes besides the benefits, of what motivates you and of what you deem significant enough to share with the world. In your brand’s journey, do you entrust a position of responsibility to your customers?

3. Easier to stand out:

A well planned aesthetic will ensure that your exhibition stand pops out amidst the plethora of banners and pop-up displays. Visual clarity does a lot more in driving the audience than banners littered with text. Time is of essence. Even if the attendees to exhibitions and trade shows are often specially attuned to warm calling pitches, as exhibitors, you must keep in mind short and fleeting attention spans in an event with such bustle. Instead of bombarding them with a wall of textual information, let your booth do the initial talking.

4. Facilitates planning:

Once you’ve picked out an aesthetic for your booth, the rest of the decisions around the exhibit follow far more easily. Depending on the layout and interactive components, you can make quicker decisions about the size of the staff needed on location, logistics, power supply requirements, etc. What’s more, the chosen aesthetic can also serve to thematically link up your pre-exhibition marketing and online campaign to create a buzz around the event.

5. Expresses your attentiveness:

A creative, bespoke exhibition booth conveys the effort you put into the exercise and the value you attach to the exhibit. Your aesthetic decisions recall how well you are abreast of the trends and the latest know-how of the exhibition world, as well as your understanding of your target market and campaign audience.

6. Creates a focal point:

An important thing to bear in mind when choosing an aesthetic is to not let your exhibition stand design overwhelm the visitors so much so that the products you’ve put on display are overshadowed. Luckily, the answer to this problem can be found within your thematic choices, as a clear booth aesthetic helps plan out a singular (or multiple) focal point(s) in the allotted booth space to place your products in. The rest of the décor and layout will aid in directing attention to that area. It will also probably act as a sort of a guide for the attendees, keeping them occupied with visual or interactive content, and in turn, allow your staff to manage the flow and address everyone to spread brand awareness and communicate sales pitches.

4. 10 stunning exhibition booth aesthetic ideas to attract visitors

A unique exhibition stand is a key factor in establishing your repute and making a lasting impression on the attendees’ minds. We have rounded up some popular, some experimental exhibition booth aesthetics to simplify your design journey and make sure that your exhibit is one for the books!

1. Closer to nature:

A clean, soothing layout with tastefully arranged flora and fauna is enough to win hearts. If you are planning to go for an eco-friendly trade show booth, a floral vine backdrop or shrubbery lining the product display can adequately convey your brand’s thoughtfulness.

2. Archive:

Whether you wish to proudly flaunt the journey of your business’s growth or document the milestones in the field concerned that you deem important, a museum or gallery aesthetic offers an interesting and mature way to share the information with the booth visitors. You can build a physical or online archive and capitalize on the multiple focal points to keep the attendees duly occupied and enable your staff to connect with each one of them.

3. Arcade:

Gamifying your exhibition has several advantages- it infuses just the right amount of enthusiasm into your audience to get them alert and lending an ear to your message, targets a broad demographic range with the variety of games available, and helps regulate the crowd. An arcade-themed exhibition booth also evokes nostalgia and thus, is a vital medium if you’re seeking connection with your audience. And don’t forget to add a good old selfie photo booth

4. Home sweet home:

Seasoned exhibitors seek an additional agenda with their exhibition stand design- an ambiance of ease and comfort that helps break down the walls of indifference built towards sales pitches. Create a relaxing vibe in your booth space with comfortable furnishings, potted plants and aromatic candles. A homely exhibition booth can also incorporate a photo-op wall to capture the moments.

5. Cozy café:
To shape your booth into a mini cafe or kitchenette, you do not need your business to be established in the food and appliances industry. Heeding the age-old advice that food is the way to a person’s heart, you can opt for this aesthetic to engage the visitors’ senses and even involve them in activities such as trying out recipes, creating their own blends, picking toppings and even working up some muscles to churn out their own smoothie! You can also put up a classic scribble wall for the people to put up their messages.
6. Virtual reality booth:

With the ease of availability of VR equipment rentals, exhibitors have developed a fondness for motion gaming and VR-aided storytelling. While making for immersive marketing and a thrilling experience for many, such an exhibition booth requires minimal additional effort to become the main attraction of the event. Virtual reality and augmented reality are ways to expand the allotted booth space and let the attendees experience the world as their playground.

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7. Retro pop:

Retro aesthetics are a hit in every realm, so why should an exhibition be any different? This is also a brilliant alternative to a full-fledged arcade-themed exhibition booth, if games are not your style. Vibrant colours, bold patterns, a disco ball or gradient lighting, a magic mirror photo booth , digital kiosks dressed up as payphones or postboxes are just some of the ingredients you can pick from to have your visitors travelling back in time, rejoicing in the fun of dusty memories

8. Art for all:

Little needs to be said about the magic of art- it mesmerizes, moves, and connects. Instead of a pure display, you can utilize art to create an interactive trade show booth, be it in the form of a giant colouring book activity that spans the entirety of your booth space or a mosaic wall. Crafty tasks not only allow the attendees to enjoy themselves but also open up avenues for intermingling, increasing the probability of forming authentic connections that in turn convey the genuinity of your business.

9. Minimalist haven:

Custom booths do not necessarily need a lot- you can opt for a minimalist design of the booth itself, warped in neat, abstract shapes and sparsely adorned and furnished. Such an aesthetic will work in your favour if your prime agenda is a distraction-less focus on your product display or demo or your campaign message. For instance, if the highlight of your exhibition is a presentation, you probably want a clutter-free space for attendees to single-mindedly pay attention to the screen.

10. Alice in Wonderland:

Who doesn’t love a good fairytale? Design your exhibition booth in the form of a jumbo game board, and incorporate your brand colours and elements into the setup. For instance, a checkered layout can be matched with branded chess pieces, or a giant pack of cards can display product information and taglines. It is an excellent way to ensure that you will have uninterrupted attention from the audience.


5. Conclusion

The purpose of choosing an exhibition booth aesthetic is primarily that of beckoning the audience. It must strike a balance between your brand image and services offered, and the immediate focus of your exhibition campaign. The booth aesthetic permeates the design, catering and takeaways (if any), and even the staff’s behaviour. It can be an important bridge between your online presence which has a wider reach and intimate contact with customers. Do not go overboard- less is almost always more! Your booth aesthetic must supplement your agenda for the event, not overshadow it or distract from it. With the abundance of options, it is easy to want to indulge in them, but make sure your exhibition stand does not end up looking crowded. Make it fun and lively- but don’t lose sight of your end goals!

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