Capturing magic: how augmented reality is transforming photo booth experiences

Capturing magic: how augmented reality is transforming photo booth experiences

how augmented reality photo booth is a powerful engagement tool

1 . Introduction

Be it a birthday celebration with a close group of loved ones or a festive launch party hosting hundreds, the very nature of event photography is rapidly changing. Indispensable as it is in collecting moments to be cherished for eternity, a photo booth has also become a testament of one’s adaptability to the trends of the times. The Augmented Reality Photo Booth has presented itself as a refreshing novelty within this ever-evolving landscape, helping organizers bag that social and cultural capital that is associated with good hosting. The perfect photobooths for today’s tech-savvy, always on the lookout for something new and exciting generation, AR Booths have cemented themselves firmly in the bid to create an unforgettable event experience for the attendees.

2. How is Augmented Reality transforming events?

AR leads us into worlds brimming with possibilities. In the realm of event technology, it has opened some of the most exciting pathways of audience engagement and commemoration. Here are some of the most popular AR-based innovations that are redesigning events into unforgettable moments:
  • Augmented Reality-powered displays: Interactive displays are a powerful means of securing one-on-one engagement with the visitors and granting them greater mobility in surfing the available information. While this is certainly an absolute game-changer for product demonstrations, it also finds uses in AR Invites, promotional campaigns and other dynamic, immersive learning and training exercises. Furthermore, you can even have a fun interactive installation, such as GoKapture’s AR Mind Reader, tha can keep curious attendees entertained for hours. video:
  • AR Photo Booths: An AR Booth installation comes in many shapes and sizes, and has been a boon to corporate events in helping brands entrench their presence, introduce their products and services to the audience in a fun way, and send them home with indelible memories of the occasion.
  • AR Games: From accommodating expansive games such as Football and Hoopla into the desired event spaces, whether indoor or outdoor, to gesture controlled object-collection games, Augmented Reality Games present infinite possibilities to secure the perfect balance of entertainment and value engagement.
  • Augmented Reality-enhanced exhibits and tours: From test drives of newly launched vehicles to an actual excursion to distant wonderlands, AR helps one transcend boundaries of physical spaces. Be it a wondrous AR Zoo or giant AR Zooart installations, the sky is the limit with AR.
  • Expanding event accessibility and ease: With the help of the AR technology, such as the AR Glasses by Google or even AR Filters, both physical and virtual events can now hope to expand their reach and be more inclusive. Not only are these smart technologies meant for promotional purposes, but also indicate a commitment towards prioritizing the audience and their special needs.

3. What can AR Photo Booths do for you?

Augmented Reality booths are the new wizards of corporate gatherings, marking their appeal with their incredible versatility and novelty. From conferences and exhibitions to virtual events, they can help you:
  • Design an interactive experience: Presenting to the booth users an array of backdrops, virtual props, special effects and filters to spruce up their pictures, the AR Booth indicates a commitment towards an immersive experience that goes much further than traditional selfie booth. People can interact with these elements at will, and have much space and freedom to shape the final outputs as per their liking.
  • Hit your branded marketing goals: Augmented Reality booths thrive in corporate setting, delivering the optimum amount of brand visibility through not simply passively placed logos and hashtags on the generated photos for takeaways, but also by making the photo-clicking session itself an adventure wherein the attendees can feel much closer to your brand. Furthermore, they provide an edge of designing customized overlays and other dynamic elements to reinforce the company’s image and cater towards successful brand activation. Image:
Photobooth for corporate event vector
  • Amplify your social media presence: The fascinating use of AR quite naturally prompts the attendees to take to social media platforms to sing praises of the experience. User-generated content such as this from the AR Booth is a testament of the event’s success and immortalizes it beyond its actual duration, also helping your event-specific hashtags gain traction.
  • Promote networking: Irrespective of the nature of the event, creating an environment that fosters interpersonal communication and keeps a positive flow of energy and zest is indispensable. A custom-made photobooth is an immense help in achieving the same, bringing people together and creating opportunities to mingle and have fun. Shared moments are how occasions register themselves in the hearts of people and create a sense of community.
  • Streamline data collection: Rest assured, you can even club the often tedious task of lead generation into this exciting activity. Collect more leads and even other relevant analytics to reflect on and enhance your marketing strategies with the help of the AR Photo Booth.
  • 4. Top 5 ways to use the Augmented Reality Photo Booth at your next event

    The AR Booth is a highly adaptable photobooth that you can mould for your specific event requirements. Apart from other, more particular uses, it may chiefly be customized into the following forms:
    • As an AR Celebrity Booth: Brands often invoke celebrity presence for fun, or even more emphatically as ambassadors to curate their image and boost sales. While this universal appeal of celebrity culture spells out marketing success, it is certainly tricky and often outside practical constraints to invite them regularly to events. An AR Celebrity Booth would solve this problem and allow your attendees to capture memories with your brand reps or their favourite celebs anywhere across the globe.
    • As a Virtual Try-On Booth: From makeup and accessories to home furnishings, Augmented Reality can be utilized to create a virtual product demo and trial booth. It helps the guests obtain more control over the information they wish to access, and is a boon for ecommerce and combating logistics nightmares by working as a portable store to visualize and try on products. video:
    • As an AR Leadership Booth: Another kind of specialized photo boothe experience AR can help you deliver is that of the Leadership Booth. It entails drawing a powerful corporate imagery with not only inanimate brand elements to adorn the photo layout, but also the figures of the company’s reputed founders, heads and other inspirational people for the visitors to interact with. Such a booth is an excellent choice for MNCs and other businesses hoping to draw employees together as a cohesive group under the able guidance of powerful persona.
    • As a Fantasy Booth: Let your imagination take its flight with this photobooth tailored to transport your guests into a fantastic world altogether. You can conjure iconic film and TV characters, memorable costumes and objects, such as Thor’s hammer or the Half Blood Prince’s notebook. Watch your audience geek out at this themed booth that you can install simply to function as a break full of enjoyment or as an extension of the theme of the gathering.
    • As a Custom Message Booth: Augmented Reality booth software can be relayed custom details at the event to add to the pictures, as the users may desire. This can include backdrops and filters of their choice, as well as more elaborate messages, doodles, and more. Allow your attendees to indulge in some artistic expression through the booth, and let each takeaway be a unique masterpiece.

    5 . Conclusion

    Event technology is a rapidly evolving and expanding arena, to which a steadily growing community is participating not just with technological innovation, but also with the way each customer takes and adapts the existing resources for a particular occasion. The AR Photo Booth exemplifies this synergy between the creators, organizers, and the final users. It is that bridge between a brand and its audiences that helps them meet in a plane of their combined vision, and walk on new paths.

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