Get inspired with these top brands’ creative BTL Campaign Ideas

As we all know, BTL and on ground promotions are the ultimate show stealers in the world of marketing. It’s hard to disagree that a huge cold drink fountain or a rally of free cookie distribution seeks everyone’s attention. Among many such examples, we found some of the launch events that were really antique and fascinating. Therefore, read the entire article to Get inspired with these top brands’ creative BTL Campaign Ideas.

Also, have a look at our case studies on brand promotions and many such things:

1. Introduction to BTL marketing

Below the Line or BTL marketing involves targeting a specific group of on ground customers that are identified and referred to as target customers.

The marketing companies and brands aim to reach out to those customers and advertise their new products experientially instead of waiting for them to discover the marketers. For example, automotive dealers and brands launch BTL promotion events and campaigns that specifically target the car enthusiasts. The BTL events allow these enthusiasts and active car buyers to see and test drive their vehicles. This not only increases interaction between the brand and its customers but also gives the buyer a gist of the new product.

2. Examples of brands that have used BTL for promotions

1. Vodafone - 4G internet slide
Vodafone took the fast internet lifestyle way too seriously. Using the smart techniques of experiential marketing, Vodafone put up a slide tunnel next to the escalator in a mall in order to provide a fast experience literally.
2. Coca Cola - happiness truck
Coca Cola launched a happiness truck for the customers. The truck contained a small door at the back and there was a huge push button on it. Can you believe it carried coke? The truck went from place to place and then it was parked in a public area in order to seek people’s attention.
3. Cadbury Oreo - great oreo cookie quest

Cadbury launched the great Oreo cookie quest in partnership with Google. It was basically a game that allowed participants to give answers to questions such as “What puts hands on your wrist?”The options carried pictures of different objects out of which the user had to choose one, a ‘watch’ in this case.The game was launched on the Oreo app. Accuracy in the game was determined with the use of object-recognition technology. The players were rewarded with points and AR Oreo cookies.

4. Aston Martin - On ice

Who doesn’t dream of driving an Aston Martin car one day? The famous James Bond car brand tried their hands on science fiction instead of actual automotive technologies to promote their cars.

Aston Martin offered their buyers a real life experience of being James Bond. The event was called “Aston Martin On Ice”.

The participants were provided with an opportunity to test their driving skills on ice under proper expert guidance on a one mile long road that was covered with ice.The incredible experience resulted in a wonderful and successful promotional event.

5. Sprite - giant soda machine shower

Instead of launching a promotional event, Sprite literally showered one. They built a huge soda dispenser with the famous yellow green logo of their brand.

Thereafter, they invited people to stand in place of the cup. After that, the beachgoer smashed the giant lever and a shower rained down upon them.The good and bad part of the event was that the dispenser poured water instead of Sprite. However, it was able to shower above 1500 people per day Which goes without saying that the yellow green label must have stayed with them in their minds.

6. T-Mobile - Angry Birds live
Can you imagine a setup wherein You can play the famous Angry Birds game lies? The marvelous view of real shooting birds and exploding pigs. Does it seem like a fantasy? Well, it isn’t. The company T-Mobile launched their first ever live Angry Birds game in which people could play simply with a smart phone and see the life size version of their gameplay.
7. LG - b2b innovation gallery
Opting a good and smart way to engage their customers, LG Electronics launched a massive B2B product experience center in India. The center is called LG B2B Innovation Gallery and is situated in Noida. This one of a kind gallery will be the ultimate stop for showcasing all the top notch B2B as well as B2C products via live demonstration along with touch and feel experience.
8. National Geographic - Augmented Reality wildlife experience
National Geographic took BTL promotions to a totally different level with the advent of augmented reality.The famous TV channel installed a live wildlife set up in Hungary where people could actually interact and feel the presence of different creatures that are shown on the channel such as dinosaurs, leopards, astronauts and others.
9. Coke Zero - Unlock The 007 In You
Coke Zero linked their brand promotion with the outing for the world’s most popular secret agent, James Bond. The campaign was called ‘unlock the 007 in you’. The customers who purchased a Coke Zero at Antwerp station were given a task to rush and reach another platform within 70 seconds and win free movie tickets. The game was made more difficult by adding obstacles on their way.
10.Dabur - beauty and talent hunt shows
Dabur hosted a mega model hunt namely– Dabur Amla Miss North India Princess. Their approach to increase customer interaction worked out since above 1,000 girls participated in the contest. The participants were provided with Dabur Amla hair oil gift hampers to boost up their zeal and enthusiasm.
11. Snickers - not itself when it’s hungry

Snickers reared their UK market with the fantastic idea of going by their theme line. Snickers brand theme says that ‘You are not you when you’re hungry’. Following the same, the famous chocolate brand filled the traditional Snickers bars with another chocolate –‘Bounty’ indicating that the brand isn’t itself when it’s hungry.

The misfortunate buyers who received those bars expressed their sadness on different social media platforms leading to #SnickersGate getting viral.

12. Skoda - Simply clever

In the immediate post-lockdown time, when only the elite business class was traveling via airplanes. Skoda cleverly targeted the rich by booking the most valuable promotional space at Terminal 2 (T2) in Mumbai Airport. The campaign was called Simply Clever, which is also the company’s tagline. They put up the largest LED installation and displayed their cars on the exit of the terminal.

The magnificent view must have made a terrific impact on the people’s brains, especially those who are prominent car buyers.

13. McDonald’s - All day breakfast campaign
The approach of McDonald’s was to create a campaign that could catch the eyes of the New Yorkers in their busy day, deliver a good message and of course make a positive impact. The company came up with their all day breakfast campaign as a solution. They used vehicles wrapped with the McDonald’s all day breakfast tagline and logo. The vehicle handed out freebies and engaged people to look upon the McDonald’s all day breakfast menu.
14. Domino’s - Points for Pies

When it comes to smart use of technology, Domino’s has always spoken for itself. Above half of the company’s retail sales are derived from global digital platforms.

This time, the smart pizza giant launched a new program – ‘Points for Pies’ on the Domino’s app. This customer loyalty program gave the customers an opportunity to gain points for every pizza that they scan on the Domino’s app.The campaign stretched for about 12 weeks and brought in huge sales.

15. Spotify - relatable audio advertisement

You all must have read the world-famous meme,“Me, Also Me”, that portrays the two completely different aspects of our nature.

Spotify used the same format for their new campaign depicting that the app has different songs for every mood of ours.

They put up the meme on their glow sign boards in many places. It earned a lot of the passersby’s attention.

16. Kellogg's - big redesign

Kellogg’s , which is among the top cereal brands in the industry, came up with the biggest redesign in their 113-year history. The redesign focused on the cereal bowl as an epicenter with the motive to be exclusively recognised. The redesign for the European markets projected the brand as cleaner, transparent and honest.As a matter of fact, the purchase intent of the new pack increased by 50%.

17. Prega News - GoodNewsIsGenderFree

The most trusted company for pregnancy tests, Prega News,which provides an HCG pregnancy detection kit, won people’s love and support with their excellent social media campaign named #GoodNewsIsGenderFree .

The company came up with the campaign on International Mother’s Day. Their prime focus was to break the stereotypes of gender inequality that is an unnecessary part of the Indian social perspective. They conveyed the message of gender equality with a beautiful video message.

18. Nike - Roger Federer

Nike has smartly contracted with Roger Federer, the famous Swiss tennis player who is often seen on the television, winning hearts with his smart moves and looks.

According to the Nike contract, Roger Federer advertises their footwear and clothing by wearing them in his matches. Nike has also designed a personalized jacket for him.

This is indeed a smart way to catch the customers’ attention and interest.

19. Hyundai - Mega experience camp
The company Hyundai launched their Mega experience camp at 575 different places in total. The camp offered the customers a rare 360 degree experience. The campaign included test drives of new cars, car evaluations for exchange and free service checkup of the Hyundai cars. They also provided coupons for future visits.
20. Refinery 29 - 29Rooms

It’s been around 3 years of the famous lifestyle brand Refinery29 hosting the 29Rooms event. The brand calls the event an interactive funhouse of technology, culture and style. In accordance with its name, the event involves 29 individual rooms that are branded and curated, each of these rooms has a different environment and experience. The rooms are designed with brand partners and a range of personalities from artists and musicians, to consumer-facing companies like Dyson, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.

29Rooms has a different theme every year. Attendees are offered a chance to personalize a room in their own way. For example, one room, for instance, invites attendees to put on punching gloves and hit on punching bags that produce different sounds individually when contacted to form a symphony of sorts. This is indeed a complete hands-on experience.

3. GoKapture BTL event showcase

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BTL activities have experienced a boost since 2020, after a significant reduction in the count of walk-in product buyers. Today’s customers are not very fond of basic and monotonous promotion events. Rather, they really like things that are a little quirky yet interesting. Now is the time to think out of the box and invest in fun BTL activity campaigns and see your company grow. Also, don’t forget to contact GoKapture to facilitate your requirements.

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