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People click pictures as a token of the moments that are otherwise gone. We’re here to make it easier for you. Post a picture on social media with “#(name of the event)”, and our Hashtag Printer will print it into a polaroid within 9 seconds.


What is a Hashtag Printer?

Hashtag printers are easy-to-use, highly effective, 15 minute setup tools that work with user generated content. These photobooths help in brand promotions via hashtag campaigns. In simple words, the invitees are supposed to click a picture on their phone and share it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram etc. They must use the event name as a hashtag. After that, within a span of 9 seconds, the Hashtag Printer prints their picture in a good quality polaroid as a personalized memento or a souvenir of the event.

Hashtag printing for events is a show-stealer that definitely deserves to be a huge part of your corporate events, brand promotions, BTL fairs and exhibitions. It would also add a spark to your personal occasions such as birthday parties and wedding functions.

In today’s expeditious world, memories are all about clicking a picture, saving it in your phone and then posting it on social media. People get attracted to things for a very short timespan. But if we tell them that for every picture they post, they get to take home a free polaroid version of it, they are going to love it.

We all know the power of social media as an effective marketing implementation. This way, the hashtag of your event will boost the brand image on social media. You might even go trending within a few hours after the event. Hashtag Printer Photobooth will not only increase engagement on your social media handles but also hike the reach of your brand in the digital world.

Benefits of Hashtag Printer

Engagement & Fun

Your invitees will keep buzzing around the Hashtag Printer Booth because when it comes to memories and pictures, people wish for as many as they can.

Promote Event Hashtag
The increasing number of social media posts with the event hashtag will automatically promote your event and its hashtag on the internet.
Generate UGC
The amount of user generated content that will be created will vehemently serve as social proof for your brand image.
Instant Photo Prints
The rapidity with which Hashtag Printer prints pictures is remarkable. It takes less time to print a picture than we take in replying to a text message on Instagram.
Branded Souvenir
The corporate tradition of bidding farewell with a souvenir is never too obsolete. And what’s better than a customised brand souvenir with the invitees’ favourite picture of themselves?
Generate income
Various high footfall places such as airports, malls etc. can install the Hashtag Printer and sell the photo booth and the hashtags to different brands. For example, a travel related brand would strive to attract the airport crowd.

Rent Hashtag Printer for Events

Rent Hashtag Printer for Events

From corporate events to world’s biggest conferences, to music festivals, to celebrity weddings and beyond.

Social Gallery Photos

Brand Promotion Gallery


Hashtag printing software monitors the event hashtags across Twitter and Instagram via official social media APIs to quickly fetch the photos. The obtained pictures are then customized and printed instantly.
The quality of the pictures that the Hashtag Printer prints is amazing. The photographs are accessed directly from your official social media handle instead of snapping screenshots. Also, we use high quality photo printers in order to get the perfect pictures.
Yes, definitely. In fact, the entire photograph can be customized as per your theme and brand guidelines. You can also place any overlay on top of the photos.
Yes, all they have to do is post a picture with the event name as a hashtag. The only condition is that their profile must be public.
The various sizes of the polaroids that we offer are: 4×6, 6×8 or 5×7 inches.
We sell hashtag printer setups with monthly maintenance.

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