Step Into The Future: Augmented Reality Photo Booths Explained

1 . Introduction

Photobooths have become a regular feature at events, both social and corporate. Amid such extensive usage and popularity, how do we ensure that they retain an element of novelty that can wow an onlooker upon first glance? How does an event organizer see to it that event photography isn’t merely ancillary to the occasion with the booth as an accessory, but is essential to the objective fulfillment of the event? The Augmented Reality Photo Booth is a rising star on the shore of event technology. The booth has found a wide variety of uses, from dynamic backdrop changes to interactive elements that transport its users into an altogether different environment. Such innovative AR setups are revolutionizing the way we capture memories and interact with attendees, particularly apt for corporate gatherings.

2 . Augmented Reality: the gift that keeps on giving

Augmented reality is a technology that mitigates our real-world interactions, which is to say, it is rooted in our immediate surroundings. By superimposing three-dimensional graphics, audio and text onto the real world, AR can extend the physical environment and charge it with new meaning and dimensions. Such a medium presents infinite possibilities in conceptualiing, designing and executing events, as listed below:
  • As an event planning and visualization tool : With the ability to create life-size, 3D models, AR lends itself to planning and conceptualization. From delineating an intricate venue layout and elaborate set designs to introducing new ideas and design and technology concepts at conferences and exhibitions, augmented reality is an amazing tool to sketch out one’s mind. This is a fruitful means of minimizing chances of substantial unguided investment of capital, time and energy.
  • Dynamic information exchange and learning : Following from the aforementioned point, it may be extended that AR can excellently level up the way we share information and communicate. It is a powerful storytelling medium that contributes to immersive learning for participants, also granting them a personalized nd more controlled experience of the data they encounter. This isn’t simply to say that your presentation will be cooler than the rest. The right use of AR can foster audience engagement in a more emotive manner- seeing is believing after all! Thus, AR is an adept campaigning tool, motivating involvemnet and action among the viewers.
Coachella Augmented Reality music stage
  • Easing navigation and accessibility : Augmented reality can be utilised to create interactive maps that not only provide guidance regarding physical pathways, but can also help people connect, find each other, discover sessions happening at different time and booth slots, and more. Additionally, devices such as the Google lens are rendering events more open in real-time, democratising information exchange and championing inclusivity by providing subtitles and translations. Dr. Helen Papagiannis highlights in such instances the human-centered nature of design and technological innovation, which inspires creativity.
  • Diversifying engagement routes : Gesture-controlled interactive walls and mirrors can attract visitors instantly. They transcend boundaries of space and time, and can replace store front displays, create interactive murals in dedicated spaces, and can be equipped with gesture-control mechanisms for infinite spontaneity and iterations to personalize viewer’s experience.
  • Interactive installations that transform spaces : Primarily referring to 3D encounters created to accommodate vast and multiple realities in limited spaces, Augmented Reality can be used to design immersive art installations, performance stages such as the ones seen at Coachella, , and even immersion rooms for mindful experiences and meditation. AR expands onto the physical world, giving it new exploratory and interactive depth to capture the audience. Be it a specialized AR Zoo, such as penguins in a single file, or a space exploration, these additions lend superb momentum to nay occasion, be it a kid’s birthday party, a music festival, or an academic conference.

3 . What is an Augmented Reality Photo Booth?

An Augmented Reality Photo Booth is an interactive imaging system that integrates real-world
environments with computer-generated enhancements, creating a composite view that is enriched with virtual elements. Unlike traditional photo booths that can mostly capture static images, an AR Photo Booth employs advanced computer vision and graphics technology to overlay dynamic, virtual content onto the captured scene in real-time.It is also equipped with sensors to track the users’ location and motion to perceive the environment and superimpose virtual props, backgrounds, filters, animation and other special effects over the live feed.
User engagement is secured with the AR Photo Booth by interacting with these virtual augmentations,
enhancing the people’s visual appearance or introducing imaginative and entertaining components into their photos or videos. Here are the four essential ways in which an AR Booth enriches the event experience and makes the photobooth an immersive space:

Augmented Reality Photo Booth- Leadership Booth for ICAI by GoKapture
  • Personalised for each user: By providing a host of digital elements for the attendees to interact with, the output generated is also different each time, giving the users great freedom of choice and direction.
  • Dynamic brand activations: Instead of belatedly posting the brand logo over captured photos, the AR Booth invokes the brand’s identity in its very function through dynamic elements placed for optimum visibility.
  • A uniquely sharable experience: These unique photographs thus generated speak of an incredible moment that prompts people to document the memory on social media, doubling user-gerenrated content and bringing in online traction for the event.
  • Purposive entertainment: An AR Booth can be designed with edutainment principles in mind, fostering learning, endearing the users towards the brand and creating an immersive, cheerful environment overall.

AR Photo Booth use cases

  • AR Runway Booth for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Everybody wants to look good and bask in the limelight. But the high fashion runway remains a space guarded by strict rules of the industry. At the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the organizers broke free from these constraints to allow any of the attendees to walk the talk and own the moment. A virtual runway was created with the instlltion of an AR Booth, at which the visitors could stop for a customised souvenir. This AR runway gave a chance to anyone who desired to pose and do a mini catwalk, out of which boomerangs were created to be shared on Instagram. More than thousand people stopped by the booth to recreate a magical moment for themselves, and were featured on the organiser’s social media channels
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Augmented Reality Photo Booth Runway
  • Personalized Memento Booth for Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke Campaign: Launched in 2011 in Australia, the Share a Coke campaign quickly became a masterclass in marketing and quite the global phenomenon. This campaign leveraged personalization with a touch of emotional appeal, both of which facilitated the third factor of social sharing. Noting a 7% increase in consumption among its target audience (millenials) within a year, another fun element of the strategy was the hosting of AR Photo Booths at in-person events across cities. They allowed people to virtually customize their own bottle of this beloved beverage, signing off with their names and taking pictures with them.
Coca-Cola Share a Coke Campaign photo booth
  • IKEA’s Virtual Furniture Try-On Booth: Many industrial heavyweights have pioneered virtual product testing applications in their respective fields to refine their procesess and invite a larger crowd to survey and see for themselves. Such AR-powered product trials are also a popular feature at product launches and trade fairs. IKEA had also launched its IKEA Place app for Apple users, the in-person experience of which it provided at pop-up and store-held events hosted across the globe. Visitors could try out products from their latest collections and take home tangible memories of this AR trial in the form of photographs.
Augmented Reality furniture trial


From the above case studies, it is evident that the AR Photo Booth is an incredibly versatile tool in the hands of businesses and event organizers alike. Augmented Reality is a technology that is rooted in the prioritization of a seamless, interactive user experience that thins the lines between the real world and the perceived, the threshold at which new kind of innovation begins.
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