How to use the virtual photobooth to boost your sales?

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Are you struggling to hold the attention of your clientele through those numerous webinars and online meets? Has the paradigm shift to a virtual or hybrid real and virtual world taken a toss on your sales? Hear from us about the virtual photobooth application and you will know exactly how it can be tailor made to suit your business needs. It is sure to bring some zing and fun in all your virtual events and keep your customers engaged. After all who does not like the idea of a free virtual photo booth online benefit.

Why use virtual photobooth?

Before exploring the applications of the best virtual photo booth, let us tell you why you should try it.

  1. It is really fun and virtual photo booth cost far less than a physical one.
  2. There is no app, but just a website link that has to be clicked to load the page.
  3. Amazing filters to make clients feel vibrant about the photos clicked.
  4. Easy share on facebook, twitter, instagram or even an email
  5. Works on any device or browser
  6. Place is no bar and clients can use it anywhere, from home to office; just anywhere
  7. Live photo frames to select from and cool stickers for that extra bling
  8. And lastly it generates content to feed on

How to do a virtual photo booth?

So if you have been scratching your head thinking how you can actually put this virtual photobooth to use, and then go on reading as we give you some ideas and real instances for a virtual photo booth application. Online photo booth with background is very happening and can be much easy than a virtual photo booth app.

    1. Virtual photobooth for those webinars, online events or even meetings:

      We are so sure that you have once in a while caught a yawn here and there or an abrupt dropping of your target audience in the afternoon sessions. Yes, people do drift away and a virtual; photobooth will come at your rescue. You can make a social gallery which you may integrate on your landing page. Let your client know ahead about it. Virtual photo booth software can be integrated for your zoom meetings where you can have a gallery or a social link to see all those pictures together. And trust us for a photo opportunity in the middle of your event, they will come a bit decked up and prepared. After all who does not like taking fancy pictures from the comfort of home to pep up the day.


  1. Make the day of your foodie friends at your restaurants and pubs:

    Instead of asking your customers or even your friends for those extra words of praise for the promotion of your gourmet heavens, give them the opportunities to click at your place. A picture says a thousand words and will generate the much needed content for your business.
    No app download, just a link to click and there they are with a rocking gastronomical picture of your place on all their social handles. Virtual photo booth diy features makes it very user friendly. And all that you need to do is? Take those pictures and populate your website for everyone to see. It can help you generate user-generated content for your restaurant… consider it like organic promotion just for free. And oh! With our hashtag printer, if they want that picture in hand, they can grab a fabulous quality snap to hug for those lovely memories that you have helped them create at your place.

  2. Give them the much needed fun in those serious corporate events:

    Struggling with multiple office locations? Different time zones and availability of people working all across the world at different times? Are your people losing the much needed work camaraderie andthe connect due to the new work from home cult? Get them to engage with a perfect virtual photo booth platform. Virtual photo booth for zoom meetings or any other meeting domain; no matter what corporate events you throw, and whatever maybe your requirement, throw in a photo contest, reward them for creativity for using the virtual photo booth and relive those amazing tea breaks and town halls of your office days. To make things a tad more fun, we invite you to use the social wall from Gokapture. Allow it on your office and website and see how the tables are turned for all those disconnected corporate meets. If you are not yet sure to buy it, then try virtual photo booth rental first and get assured.

  3. Add some color and joy in parties and weddings:

    With a cap on the number of invitees, parties and weddings have lost their much needed charm and you might be struggling to have managed such events to keep the spirits high. With our virtual photo booth wedding features you can create a wedding hashtag. Excite all the invitees to pose in their fancy clothes using the link and allow them to post on social media with those extra smiles and bubbly pouts. Take it a notch up with the cool hashtag printer at site. They can grab those superior quality prints from the venues. You can couple it with some artsy frames to offer guests for brightening up any corners of their homes. So, now holding the attention or keeping your audiences asking for more, will be more fun with the cool virtual photo booth link.

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