5,00,000 brand reach. 1,500 people engaged. 500 photos tagged. blenders pride on a new high


The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour (BPFT) is a fusion of fashion and music. You get to experience the best of both worlds, as India’s best fashion designers and musicians come together giving their best shot. This year the show stopper for the fashion show organized in Hyderabad was Jacqueline Fernandes.

GoKapture was engagement and promotion partner for the BPFT this year and had covered 4 prominent locations in Hyderabad to garner the following results for brand on Social Media and in the Event

GoKapture installed a Social Wall to capture and showcase the live updates on various social media handles of Blenders Pride and also engaged people through its Hashtag Printing service which produced branded souvenir

  1. There were increased search for the Event details on website and social media during the 2 day promotional activity for fashion show.
  2. Social Media wall created a posh environment for the brand and motivated people to post reviews and upload pics thereby increasing brand mentions of Social media handles.
  3. Hashtag printing made the promotional event fun and interactive as people were very excited to carry home a gift by Blenders Pride in form of a photo
  4. More than 500 people uploaded their photos with the Blender Pride brand mention on their Social Media Profiles increasing event visibility and reach.
  5. This event achieved its objective of promoting fashion show in the city and attracting visitors to the event with the help of GoKapture promotional activity

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