2000 Plus branded souvenirs and 5,00,000 plus social media reach, clearly hashtag marketing is a rage on social media promotions

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Hennes & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company which needs no introduction even in India. It is reportedly the fastest growing retail clothing fashion brands in India. H&M is currently in 12 Indian cities with the store count of 29, but it’s fastest growing for a reason and thus opens 1 more store in Gujarat’s Fashion Capital, Ahmedabad.

There is no other promotion as good as your own customers promoting you. Word of Mouth is still the greatest medium of marketing. H&M wanted it’s own customers to tell the city about their new store and so they partnered with GoKapture to generate user data and attain organic reach on Instagram thru hashtags.

The customers not only upload content on your brand’s social page but also go home with the branded souvenir and a lifetime recall value. In-store brand promotions can be very useful to promote the brand while during launch or expansion.

Let’s take a look at how Hashtag Marketing and User Generated Content gives unlimited leverage to Brands on Marketing and Reach front.

When brands understand the importance and potential of one tool which helps them attain good reach and on ground interactive experience with the brand of their consumers, they go all guns and thus H&M decided to use our service of Hashtag Printing for their 3-day launch schedule in various flea markets

H&M used Hashtag printing service 7 times in the time period of 3-day launch and that helped it generate the following results:
  1. More than 2000 photos were printed in 3 days time during the launch, which means more than 2000 happy customers with lifetime H&M recall value.

  2. The total reach on the Instagram platform for the Hashtags used during the events is more than 5,00,000 in numbers and this clearly suggests the impact of the activity on the online platform and social media.

  3. More importantly, we also took permissions from users to use their data by the brand on their websites and social media and majority of them were more than happy to let H&M use their content, giving brand extra mileage on user data. #UGC

Instagram is very powerful to use the organic user-generated content and thus brands have traced GoKapture to do it for them. When are you trying?

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