How did workafella use content marketing to attract the best talent

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Workafella is a leading brand in helping find the right workplace for startups and evolving businesses. Its service offering ranges from 24/7 Business Centre to Co-Working Space to Virtual Offices. They are present in all the business bustling cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune.

The brand in an attempt to make work life more interesting along with treasured colleagues decided to celebrate the spirit of Freedom on the 72nd Independence day by using GoKapture Innovation’s Hashtag Printing Concept.

It has become very crucial for brands to retain the best talent as talent acquisition has become more expensive. Workafella in an attempt to create Employer Branding used Social Media as a medium and let its Fellas at Work to talk about their Workplace and Brand.

The minimalist setup of GoKapture’s Hashtag printing with a compact printer and interesting props attracted almost everyone in the office to click a selfie with their Colleague, Work Desk or Boss and flaunt it on the social media among their network. And served the purpose of keeping their people happy by gifting them a beautifully designed photo frame of the same photo they uploaded on their social media.

Results of the Content Marketing to objectively attract Best talent for Workafella!
  1. Workfella’s Instagram profile reached to approximately 6400 unique users on the day of the event which is also the highest reach for brand till date.

  2. As we also understand the nature of the business we serve, guiding them to use the right hashtags is also out onus and thus clients for Workafella also happily used hashtags like #workafella #co-working #thefolks #coworkingspace #coworking #togetherworking, which helped in relevant and greater reach to TG.

  3. Most importantly they saw 123 happy faces carrying a beautiful souvenir along with them as a lifetime memory of their employer. They also achieved 100% positive sentiment on the social media which shows the satisfaction level of their employees

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