How did snow kingdom, doms and goKapture strike a win-win-win model of hashtag marketing

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India’s largest snow theme park came to Chennai in 2015. An exciting and fascinating amusement park, Snow Kingdom stretches across a humongous 14,000 square feet of snow! It also has its presence in Mumbai as well.

Snow Kingdom is a place Where Even Adults Turn into Kids. It has everything for everybody, right from Snow Sledging to Magic of Snow Fall in India without visiting Switzerland or Simla. There are multiple rides and activities to enjoy. There are multiple birthday party bash that snow kingdom holds and also is the right place to come with your company teams.

Snow Kingdom is a very different client that we have in our portfolio. This is a snow theme park and operates at a very high scale in terms of walk-ins on every day’s basis. This project has also brought Just Kapture one level up in our operational strength.

This client is also different in a way that this arrangement of business with Snow Kingdom where we also have a sponsor sponsoring the Hashtag Printing at Snow Kingdom. And Snow Kingdom gives the sponsor:

  1. Relevant Target Audience
  2. Extended reach with an innovative marketing tool
  3. Space for marketing collaterals and human resource
  4. Operational Space

Hence we believe this model is also one of the possibilities for brands to collaborate and leverage from Hashtag Marketing.

The feedback from the client after 2 months of service; “GoKapture Innovation’s idea of hashtag printing is very innovative and is helping our brand to get more reach on Social media. The collaboration model with a sponsor is also a very interesting idea and a win-win deal for the stakeholders”

Also, for an amusement to have a hashtag printing gives an all-around experience to its customers. They come to Snow Kingdom, enjoy and have fun in -8 Degree Celsius and take home tangible memories in form of a printed photo print of their favorite pose by simply;

  1. Uploading their fav picture on Instagram with #snowkingdom
  2. Wait for 9 seconds for photo to print.
  3. Life Long happiness, hence completing the whole circle.

We have seen people waiting in line to get their photo prints and going back with immense happiness. This has become an attraction among the customers coming to snow kingdom.

For schools visiting snow kingdom for the study tour, teachers click pictures with their principals and flaunt them on Instagram. Kids take photos with their teachers and take pride in showing them to their friends when they meet. And they have printed version of the photo to show off

We have identified a lot of use cases for an amusement park for Hashtag Printing and as a part of the end to end solution, we

Helped in the initial setup of the Hashtag Printer. It helped Snow Kingdom and sponsor’s team understand the software. The weekly reposts and daily reports of the engagement, analytics, and user-related data are been sent to client and results are monitored.

User-based posts on social media are also done by Team Just Kapture with permission from the user. Also, the user data generated from the hashtag printing activity is shared with Snow Kingdom for their marketing purposes.

3 Biggest advantages of using Hashtag Marketing for your brand are,
  1. Reach Your Brand to the Young Decision There are millions of people waiting for you to reach them and be seen on their social media profiles. It helps reaches you the major chunk of your target audience.

  2.  Personalized Selfie Coupons This is an added advantage to the sponsor and your brand as the sponsor can market discount coupons thru printed photo and your brand get the visibility in digital space.

  3. 3 Generate a fabulous database JustKapture Team helps you do this with their hashtag printing activity and generate user data. Thus, hashtag marketing has great potential which is underutilized by marketers, but Just Kapture is at your savior. The bigger idea here to collaborate and create an alternate way to generate regular leads and also helps in building the brand on Social media platforms organically.
  1. One thing that hashtag marketing has unimaginable power is to get reach to your brand, Snow Kingdom has reached to more than 9,00,000 potential customer is last 2 months

  2. More than 2,00,000 people have interacted with the brand so far and that’s an amazing number to achieve in 2 months.

  3. 3,000 Plus brand mentions on social media platform and most on Instagram where the real audience is.

  4. Also, if we look at the softer aspects of it, metrics like Discussion Intensity shows a higher level of discussion around the brand.
Sentiment Analysis gives you an idea of what people feel about the brand and it has a 100% positive sentiment report.And unmissable is the millions of smiles and thousands of happy customers that snow kingdom has seen is beyond tangible value. It is a great time to use Hashtag Marketing as an addition to your marketing channels and create a certain channel of lead generation.
Data & Analytics (Aug-18 to Nov-18)
  1. Hashtags Generated (Printed Photos): 3654+
  2. Total Mentions 2401+
  3. Social Media Reach 5,79,802+
  4. Number of Likes 39,899+
  5. Number of Shares 134+
  6. Number of Comments 1201+

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