How did pragati resorts attracted more than 10 lakhs potential customers thru hashtag printing/ marketing

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Pragati Green Resorts is a one-of-its-kind resort in the country – it is a man-made eco-village developed on barren land creating the feel of natural habitat. The environment there is completely eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free and mosquito-free. It makes for the most welcoming destination for recreation, event, and health in the lap of nature.

Would you not want to know your friends and family know about how and where are you vacationing? Also, would you not want to bring back home the memories in Tangible form and revisit them years later?

You could spend a vacation plucking aromatic herbs for your tea and swimming in the pool with birds singing around, whole family and group will be able to find their own interests. The resort property houses everything from cricket fields, golf course and naturopathy spa to ponds filled with ducks and lovely sculptures and fountains every few meters.

The power of Social Media cannot be and should not be underestimated when a major chunk of your target group is sitting online. And your customer also want to tell about what they are doing to their friends and family so you have to give them that option and ways to do it.

What we are leading to is the concept called Hashtag Marketing, least explored and underutilized in the realm of social media marketing per say.

Gokapture Innovations provides the end to end solution of Hashtag Marketing with proven results We saw the potential of this product for Resorts and Leisure destinations in terms of generating business and a completely new way of generating inbound leads. And thus we approached Pragati Resorts and needless to say, they saw the potential in the product and have been using it since last 4 months now.

We revisited Pragati Resorts 4P’s of marketing and added newer aspects from Hashtag marketing perspective. Mr. Narayanan, Marketing Head of Pragati Resorts said after one month of our service, ” I never knew till Mr. Manish explained me how can we leverage the power of social media and hashtag marketing to attract potential customers for my resort. I am very happy with their service and delivery of results. We are certainly looking for the continued relationship with GoKapture Innovations”

To make sure that the customers come to know about this concept, Pragati Resorts have also put up 4 standees in different sections like pool, restaurant for awareness of Hashtag printing and Memorabilia to be carried home. Pragati Resorts have also included this in their brand brochure and have mentioned #PragatiResorts hashtag for their target audience to know as they are using Hashtag Printing as an attraction.

Gokapture Innovations helped in the initial setup of the Hashtag Printer. It helped Pragati Resorts team understand the software. JustKapture sends their manager to Pragati Resort twice in a week to see if everything is working fine.

The weekly reposts and daily reports of the engagement, analytics, and user related data are been sent to client and results are monitored.

Just to give you a sneak peek into the numbers of Pragati resorts
  1. We have garnered reach of 10,00,000 in 4 months of service which is an amazing reach, difficult to achieve organically, but hashtag marketing can do it.
  2. Increased the number of followers organically on Instagram. People will only follow you if you are making some sense to them as a brand and thus this increase is the result of hashtag marketing.
  3. Published numerous posts of User data which gives great authenticity and credibility to your brand. And the users have also shared them on their feed which gives increased reach to an untapped audience.
  4. 2000+ social media interactions, 100% positive sentiments, and data of customers and marketing qualified reach.
  5. The happy faces of thousands of customers with millions of memories carrying back home are invaluable.
We hope we answered the questions:
Just to give you a sneak peek into the numbers of Pragati resorts
Well all said and done, it would be a great idea to experience the power of Hashtag Marketing for your business.

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