Picture Perfect: Dazzle with the Kaleidoscope Photo Booth

When it comes to clicking pictures, our hearts often say, “Just one more!” Heed that call and try out the showstopper Kaleidoscope Photo Booth that gives you more with every resounding click.


Kaleidoscope Photo Booth: Up the Glamour Quotient of your next Event

So you’re dressed to the nines and wish someone would do justice to your effort and glitz with excellent photography? Flaunt your face and your poses with the wondrous Kaleidoscope Photo Booth that is not unlike a miniature photoshoot in its own right. So step up to the booth and bask in the feeling of having walked into a set for a fashion magazine.

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument that uses the concept of infinity mirrors to create interesting patterns and symmetrical shapes with colourful objects placed inside that absorb the onlooker. This aesthetically pleasing visual treat has kept its hold for ages. Which is exactly why we decided to incorporate this stunning visual experience into a photo booth. Pose, play and personalize with the Kaleidoscope Booth, as the fun has just begun!

Serve looks every which way, quite literally with this kaleidoscopic arrangement within a photobooth that captures your selfie up close from multiple angles, made so possible with the mirrored images as you peer into the Kaleidoscope. Perfect your social calendar with this photo booth that offers decadent lighting and an ambient setup for your pictures. With the Kaleidoscope Photo Booth, you can prove you know just how to throw a party and see everyone off with glamified portraits of themselves. Offer your guests a chance to shine in the limelight and pose like a celebrity.

With pictures so breathtaking, who wouldn’t want to flaunt them on social media and capture attention as well as hearts? Keep the event alive and buzzing at the front of people’s minds for longer and amass digital traction to fuel engagement. In this age of influencer culture and trends changing like clothes, the Kaleidoscope Photo Booth brings in the kind of aesthetic satisfaction and vibe that can not be easily forgotten.

Benefits Of Kaleidoscope Photo Booth

All that glitters
…is not just gold! Don’t underestimate the power of high glam photos in drawing the crowd to your booth and dispersing happy memories! Engage and enrapture with a kaleidoscope of pictures.
Professional quality
The Kaleidoscope Photo Booth not only automizes stylish event photography but also retains a professional standard with lighting and print quality.
Amplify social sharing
With pictures so pretty, you’re guaranteed a higher digital footprint as your attendees share their photos on different social media platforms.
Branded takeaways
The photos taken with the Kaleidoscope Booth can be adorned with a custom layout, designed thematically or to incorporate the brand logo, tagline and hashtag. The same can then be instantly printed to gift the booth users.
Hassle-free setup
An absolutely amazing fact about this photo booth is the minimal space it requires for installation. You can indulge in the beauty of kaleidoscopic images anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kaleidoscope Photo Booth

The Kaleidoscope Photo Booth rental package includes the kaleidoscope with pre-set lighting along with the photography equipment. We also provide expert assistance to work the booth glitch-free.
We do offer branding and layout adjustments to be made as fit for the occasion. There are also a considerable range of lighting options for the inside of the kaleidoscope to choose from and pick a specific colour for a particular style and vibe.
Photo prints in high quality are made available on the spot for the attendees. Besides, soft copies of the pictures can be availed by being shared on their respective email addresses. Related

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