Create artistic pictures with the Multi Exposure Photo Booth

Thinking about the wonders of a long exposure camera shot? See what it can do with the Multi Exposure Photo Booth and transform your event experience in a way that stands out from the crowd.


Making the most of every click: the Multi Exposure Photo Booth

Photography is an art that has not only changes the way we make memories, but also revolutionized how we plan and design the most special occasions of our life. Every milestone, personal or professional, demands a way befitting of the moment to experience and record it. We at GoKapture have taken this motivation to continually innovate photo and video booth experiences such that we distribute happiness with each click.

Born out of this spirit of always bringing in something new to amaze and captivate, the Multi Exposure Photo Booth is an instant hit at all occasions. The booth utilizes long exposure to allow the users considerable time to move within the frame in the duration of a single shot. The final output consists of a picture where the person would be seen in three to four places at once. Think of it as a composite photo made by merging several ones, and imagine the creative possibilities this offers to add something special to the mementos you and your guests make.

This creative photo booth setup makes for a must-try at any event. The artistry of each shot is pleasing initself, and booth users can try varying, dynamic poses and props as per their liking. With the incredible scope of personalization through logo and hashtag placements, layout options and other branding elements, this booth creates for you custom keepsakes on demand. By providing space for creative expression and thematic adjustments, these photographs also encourage social sharing and will drive your online engagement rates.

Indulge your invitees in this out of the box photo booth experience and keep them entertained. A fun booth like this one is great to lift the atmosphere into a cheerful one and also doubles as a place for people to relax, unwind and bond over precious memories.

Benefits Of Multi Exposure Photo Booth

Lifetime souvenir
Your invitees will keep buzzing around the Hashtag Printer Booth because when it comes to memories and pictures, people wish for as many as they can.
Creative & fun
The idea behind this photo booth is interesting and guarantees fun and engagement as the users rush in between positions to get their perfect picture.
Sharable content
These creative photos make for hit social media posts. As we provide soft copies on the provided contacts, guests can easily share their experience online with these gorgeous photos as proof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Multi Exposure Photo Booth

The Multi Exposure Booth uses a professional-grade DSLR camera to capture photos.
Yes, the image layout and design can be tailored for branded marketing purposes or to thematically align with the occasion.
They can share their email addresses to obtain soft copies of the pictures. Other than that, quality prints will also be provided at the booth as takeaways.

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