Get Glam with Glambot Photo Booth – Unforgettable Moments Await!

They say it takes two to tango! So dance to the beat of the Glambot Photo Booth and create stunning videos wherein you are the artist, the director and the protagonist.
Glambot photo booth for a bar opening in Jaipur


Glamour Unleashed: Experience Glambot Photo Booth Magic!

If you’ve heard of the Glambot, chances are that you’re mostly imagining the Grammys, Oscars or some other star-studded red carpet event. Well, we’ve got news for you! Our Glambot Photo Booth is a promising addition to any celebration. Just because your guest list isn’t made up of the Kardashians or the Barrymores of the world, doesn’t mean you have to sit out on some high glam fun!

Elevate your event with a cinematic touch. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a social soirée, this cutting-edge photo booth adds a touch of elegance and excitement to your event. The Glambot includes a professional camera attached to a robotic arm that can be programmed to move in the desired manner in order to create unique videos. This setup is built for stability and high precision. Additionally, the subject the camera is pointed at can be brought into focus as deemed artistically fit. The Glambot Photo Booth captures stunning, slow-motion videos of your guests, transforming them into red-carpet-worthy stars. Watch as every twirl, every laughter becomes a captivating masterpiece.

With a host of features such as close-ups and zoom outs, drops and wide-angle shots, and its ability to record a larger space and thus a group of people at once, the Glambot is an absolute party essential. Make sure every Instagram reel of your event is at par with celebrity Glambots. The promise of robotic excellence, combined with personalization, will ensure that every call of “Lights, Camera, Action!” is met with thunderous enthusiasm and applause.

Designed with aesthetic versatility in mind, our Glambot Photo Booth is a stylish addition to any setting. Its sleek, minimalist design complements both corporate and social atmospheres, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the venue decor and ambiance of the occasion. Ideal for corporate galas, product launches, inaugural functions, music festivals, weddings and birthday parties, the Glambot doles out an awesome red carpet experience to everyone, giving them a VIP feel.

The high definition glam of the Glambot goes a long way than just guaranteeing a star-studded gathering. The edited videos make for trendy social media content in the form of Instagram reels, boomerangs, Youtube shorts and more, further bringing in digital traction for your event and keep people talking about it for days after.

Benefits of Glambot

Level up the fun
Your invitees will keep buzzing around the Hashtag Printer Booth because when it comes to memories and pictures, people wish for as many as they can.
Precision and quality
The high-speed camera works to record at a superbly high frame rate, while the robotic arm follows a pre-set path with utmost stability to deliver professional shots.
Flaunt your focus
The ability to decide the camera movement and angles helps you decide what to highlight, be it the outfit or a product on display.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Glambot Photo Booth

The Glambot is essentially a camera mounted on a robotic arm which is fed pre-choreographed movements that it follows to record the attendees.
Yes, you can add your personal touch to the clips and reinforce your brand identity by adding frames, filters, logos and hashtags to them.
The video outputs from the Glambot Booth can be shared during the event on the email addresses provided by the users.
Yes, our Glambot rental package incorporates assistance in the form of dedicated on-site attendees to oversee the workings of the booth.

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