Yazaki Powers Up Founders Day with Selfie Booth and Stepper Activity in Pune

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At the Residency Club, Pune, the culminating day of May wrapped up the Indian summer heat in a solid punch of enthusiasm and regale as Yazaki put a fabulous display of its might on the occasion of Founders Day.

Yazaki is a global leader in the automotive industry, paving the way with its smart, innovative and sustainable solutions that aim to connect the people to leading developments and higher standards of living. Having established its centres across 46 countries, Yazaki Group boasts of a truly ‘global network’ of technological innovation, designing and developing thousands of indispensable components for electricals, appliances and automobiles that form the backbone of a functioning society as we know it today and an empowered future that we imagine.

The Yazaki Founders Day is a celebration of this championing spirit that knits the community through leadership, ideation and innovation. Held at their South Asian regional center in Pune on May 31, 2024, the event was meant to be a showcase of the core values of the company, such as trust and an indefatigable spirit, alongside renewing the hopes of its associates to continue to contour a lively tomorrow. For this purpose, the organizers requested GoKapture to spruce up the celebration with their vibrant colour.

Ideation and Execution: First and foremost, the idea was to capture these glorious moments of the Yazaki family in all its resplendence, for which we went the classic Selfie Booth way. We installed twin photobooths at the event venue, both armed with an array of props and an expert technician to facilitate the experience. The Selfie Booth in Mumbai lent incredible versatility and was incorporated into the theme of the occasion, executing each shot brilliantly and framing them in the brand’s most recognized features.

Secondly, we decided to elevate event engagement at this company gala by introducing our banger of an interactive gaming experience- the IoT-based Stepper Activity. The Spot Running activity was a three-player setup, fully customized in its appearance and gameplay to incorporate the Yazaki brand elements and stoke the team spirit.

Outcome: The occasion was a tremendous success, wherein every attendee was made to truly feel a sense of belonging. The interactive event experience was people-centered, strengthening their connection to Yazaki via the branded photobooth ang gaming activities. The Selfie Booths doled out instant branded prints for the guests to take home as souvenirs, and saw a massive crowd of those brimming with excitement to capture their joys. The Stepper Activity was, no doubt, the biggest draw of the event, amassing both players and spectators in huge numbers. Various competitors tried their hands (or legs, more accurately) to bag some wins and were cheered on by an incredible audience to deliver their best.

Spot Running Activity in Pune by GoKapture

In all, the Founders Day celebration wrapped up as a day of immense joy and fun for all of Yazaki’s associates at their Pune office. The occasion infused a new dedication and commitment towards the company, and reaped employee satisfaction and pride in association with a name of such global renown.

With GoKapture, you too can turn around your company events and milestone celebrations into wondrous, unforgettable memories for every person in attendance. All you need is the confidence of the latest in event technology, and the love and attention of a team that understands how special your day and its specific requirements are. From photobooths in Pune to interactive branded games, here’s to hand-crafting experiences that champion your story and will be cherished for days ahead.

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