Strip Selfie Photobooth in a wedding at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad for Samantha Reddy

GoKapture partnered up with the WedGurus team to deliver Strip Selfie Photobooth in Hyderabad for a wedding event. And it was an event for THE Samantha Reddy (celebrity).

With a big event, big responsibility comes along, especially in tough times of covid. For this event, we worked with our partners at WedGurus from Mumbai.

The client needed a strip of photo prints, with 4 photos per strip in 6×8 inches photo paper. We provided exactly that.

Also, the client had the special requirement of covid testing of each and every person who was come to the event. They have arranged a home testing facility for all the vendors including GoKapture. We are very thankful to the WedGurus team for coordinating everything so well.
Photo strips are amazing.

Why? Because in one print there are always two copies of strips get printed. One goes with the guests and one we stick in the scrapbook. Where guests can write their wishes and messages. And at the end, the host gets a completely filled scrapbook with hand written messages from their guests.

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