Visual Storytelling with Interactive Display: 2D Content Development

Show, don’t tell with our Interactive Displays and provide you audience a refreshing way to interact with you. Revolutionizing 2D content creation, there is only your imagination to stop you now from unveiling its full potential.


Interactive Product Demos, Virtual Guides and More: Get ‘em Hooked!

Interactive displays or touch screen LED walls have become an exemplar of marketing techniques in the 21 century. The history of LED-based advertising goes all the way back to the 1950s with long, glittery and flashy billboards scattered across the big cities of the west. We’ve come a long way since.

Modern day interactive displays are much more than a mere mode of extravagant advertising. Their applications have also become diverse with their active usage across the education sector, marketing, e-learning and even employee training. The most alluring bit of using interactive displays is that its bright clear images with the ease of interacting in real time never fail to amaze its users and could even evoke curiosity in casual visitors and random passersby.

Interactive displays also support videographic simulations which take the viewer’s experience a step ahead with ambient sounds and other visual effects. Nowadays, retail stores that have a huge inflow of customers which requires them to interact with hundreds or maybe thousands of people everyday are increasingly looking for innovative ways of automating engagement and information exvhange. With interactive displays, brands can provide enriched and quality content to multiple users without having to be assisted by a store attendant.

Interactive display also provides its users with a ton of customizations in order to provide an optimized experience to their customers. Due to this capability, using these displays feels as easy as using personal devices. From interactive product demos to an online quiz, they can also be made in a plethora of configurations allowing them to fit their users’ purpose. These configurations allow businesses to target different audiences based on the forte of the brand.

Interactive displays can also function like gaming screens for their users. These displays are often designed with multi-touch capabilities, allowing more than one customer to use the display in a given time. Thus, users can also indulge in multiplayer gamified modules that market the brand in one way or the other. The other most important thing that interactive displays are good at is in their ability to save time as well as resources of the company.

With their stunningly rich media content, these digital displays keep audiences and customers engrossed in an interactive session. Present-day interactive displays use cutting edge technologies like motion sensors and cameras, and even Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to allow their users to have smart interaction with their favorite brand. Some interactive displays are also connected to smart AI devices and controllers to provide a surreal experience to their users. They also allow users to sync cloud based drives such as Google drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With an intearctive display rental, you can boast of your command of the latest industry trends and the value you have placed on refining your audience’s time spent with you.
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Benefits Of Interactive Display- 2D Content Development

Inform & Engage
These displays are the easiest method of delivering a ton of information at the users’ fingertips. Interactive displays, coupled with the modern day user interface, have made marketing and generating leads easier than ever.
Smart interaction
These interactive kiosks have democratized the process of pitching and information exchange. No more long queues, dozens of pamphlets and raising voices to strive to be heard.
Custom edutainment
Enrich user experience with gamification marketing in a manner that retains their interest and solidifies your brand impression. Customize endlessly, from polls and quizzes to digitized tours and campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Interactive Display- 2D Content Development

Interactive displays are a step up from traditional displays as they allow their user to interact with the brand and its products through the screen. The touch screens take input from the user and display an output accordingly.
There are almost no limits to the variety of content that can be viewed through interactive displays. From data analytics of MS Excel to the most intuitive animated advertisements, and from guest lectures in classrooms to gamified marketing modules, they can be used to present a plethora of multimedia files.
No, interactive displays are fairly easy to set up and operate as they seldom require extra cables since they can be directly connected to the output computer.
Yes, interactive displays at malls and retail stores are specifically configured to generate as well as record leads. They take in inputs from the user and bifurcate available data into valuable analytics and other important information about the customers.
Yes, interactive displays come in a multitude of layouts, including placement of brand elements, based on the requirement of the business.

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