Magic Moment Wall: Watch Magic Happen

Shoot, submit and slay with our interactive photo display wall. Participate in a collective event vibe check at the Magic Moment Wall and bring your guests together in a thematized display to adorn your event.


Making memories the fun way with the Magic Moment Wall

Photobooths are cool and classic, an evergreen favourite for event entertainment. But what if you get to have more with each click? Maximize on the fun, engagement, interpersonal interaction and with all your guests, jointly create the vibe for the occasion. The Magic Moment Wall is here to promise you all that.

Think of quaint little cafes with their cozy vibe, soothing colour palette and walls littered with notes, and even photographs. They offer a visual history of the fun times the place has stood witness to, and are a stop for the lost and found. This is the concept behind our custom photo wall that bears testament to the incredible memories of your event.

We’ve deconstructed the traditional photo booth into an interactive display setup for you to captivate and connect with your attendees. The Magic Moment Wall is a real-time visual showcase wherein the participants click a picture and sign it, which is then processed by the web application to go up on the display screen with trendy animation. It offers a uniquely personalized touch to the event, wherein you not only enable the people to make memories, but also make them feel special by putting them front and centre for the occasion. This photo wall provides an engrossing experience to all, as the users not only simply indulge in capturing pictures, but also inscribe them in their own writing.

The Magic Moment Wall is an incredible addition to both corporate and social events. It’s like a group activity of creating a digital scrapbook right at the venue. You can encourage interpersonal interaction and boost the people’s involvement at a company celebration, cheering for your team and showcasing their diversity up on the screen. For informal and more personal gatherings, the photo wall elevates your photo booth game in a way that best relates with today’s Instagram-savvy generation and offers influencer-like feels wherein the guests get to solidify their presence in a visually stunning display.

Benefits Of Magic Moment Wall

Fun & Engagement
This photo wall makes event photography fun and doubly engaging, providing a space for people to commingle in and share beautiful moments.
Captivating display
The photo wall makes for a live showcase that is sure to turn heads and be an event highlight in itself.
Boost social sharing
This setup is conducive to prompting a greater number of attendees to take to sharing their photo experience on social media, accumulating online buzz for the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Magic Moment Wall

Yes, the photo wall can be tailored to be cohesive with the desired theme, and can also include various branding elements in its layout.
We provide for a photographer for this purpose. The guests may also click the pictures themselves.

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