How hashtag printer was just the right propellor at tedx to create UGC


TEDX needs no introduction. These are talks by expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity meant to expose new and relevant ideas to a broad international audience.
It was a moment of great pride for us to be partnering with Ted Talks in 3 cities – Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. The Hyderabad TEDx event had more than 5000 people in attendance. Bangalore and Mumbai had a total of 100 each attending the event. Being at a TEDX event is a reflection of being part of an intelligentsia that is looking at much beyond their individual spaces towards ideas and people who are doing things differently, or making an impact. From that perspective, photo options are galore at the event with people wishing to take pictures with the speakers. There were speakers, volunteers, invitees, sponsors all of whom were keen on pictures. Hashtag printer was just the right product to enable people to make use of photo opportunities, get a print of the picture and upload the picture with a hashtag on Instagram. This was an event organised by the student community so we offered a nominal pricing for the product. The Hashtag Printer created great opportunity for churning UGC from among the audience and gave a fantastic reach to the event and its sponsors.

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