1250 Video Content Generated for PhonePe at Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, 2022 with 360 Degree Spin Booth

1250 Video Content Generated for PhonePe at Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, 2022 with 360 Degree Spin Booth


With the mercury plummeting, we saw soaring anticipation for the 15th edition of the Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, a one-of-its kind running fest that functions as a prime fundraiser event for the Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor. The Midnight Marathon features a host of races with numerous stalls, entertainment and activities to bring to the people the best of the India’s IT capital’s night life for a noble cause, as the RBITC supports numerous charitable and environmental initiatives. BMM 2022, with its theme ‘Run Freely Again’, held on December 10 of the year, was a night of much fun and frolicking that saw rich participation across various racing categories and supplementary avenues.

PhonePe, which is one of India’s leading platforms for digital transcations and financial technology, was the chief sponsor of Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2022 and headed much of the mantle for bringing in the effervescence as the event resumed at a significant juncture in the post-pandemic world and provided a glorious reunion for the active and the socially responsible.

Partnered with PhonePe, BMM 2022 was able to bring together NGOs, businesses, atheletes, celebrities and other individuals seeking the thrill of exercising their muscles, soaking up the scenic Bengaluru and hoping to do their bit for a brighter future for all.

A highlight of the event was the 360 degree spin video booth which PhonePe had GoKapture install specially for the enjoyment of prize-winners and casual hoppers alike. A superstar in its own right, GoKapture’s 360 spin booth in Bengaluru generated oodles of buzz and got people dancing and posing for the cameras until the dawn. It was a prime tool for brand visibility and offered valuable engagement with both employees and prospective customers. While the meandering cue for the booth itself was a pat on the back, GoKapture’s 360 degree spin booth for PhonePe noticeably offered a chance at exposure and kept the night alive by functioning as a meeting point for the diverse crowd.

The 360 degree spin booth is the perfect combination of quirky and glamorous, allowing its users to take the stage and feel like the stars of the event. The 360 degree spin booth in India has found itself becoming an instant crowd favourite, no matter the occasion. The 360 degree spin both in Bangalore for running events promises optimum coverage to propel the audience’s fervour and is an excellent choice for inviting the awardees to step up and own the moment of their effort’s fruition. Boost your brand image with style and tap into the attendees’ energy with a 360 degree spin booth rental in India!

GoKapture specializes in photo and video booths, AR and VR rentals to cater to your marketing and merry-making needs alike and has under its belt experience from myriad running events and other sporty occasions. You can further enhance your marketing strategy and reel in guests with our other popular products for sports events in Bangalore, such as the evergreen social wall and hashtag printer to collapse the wall between the digital hype for your event and the actual footfall. Or, level up your game with our spin booth’s stationary sister, the 180/360 freeze photo booth, the versatile croma photo booth and the exciting treadmill booth. With GoKapture, you may rest assured of a customer-oriented experience, from customized products to fit in your desired niche and vision to the executive team’s expertise in ensuring that everything runs smoothly through the course of the event.

Check out the quality of our 360-degree spin booth (Watch it in HD):

If you are looking for more fun products or activities to gear your audience for an upcoming marathon as an organizer, or if your brand is participating in the next big marathon in India, such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon, or the Pinkathon, here is a list of our products to help maximize your brand visibility:

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